National Popular Vote and Corrupt Election Measures Passes Senate

Election integrity Patriots should be very concerned because a crony, corrupt election bill (SF1362) was passed through the State Senate. This bill tells voters that our state’s ten electoral votes will not go to the candidate who won the most votes in Minnesota, it will go to whichever candidate has the most votes nationwide! Our electoral votes would be subject to election fraud, rigging, and cheating happening in all states!

This bill passed the Senate by a party line vote of 34-33, see below:

The way we elect the President of the United States is a long-standing piece of American history, one that the Democrats are seeking to destroy. 15 states and the District of Columbia have signed onto the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact for a total of 195 electoral votes/36.2% of the electoral votes. 270 electoral votes are needed for this to go into effect nationwide. See graphic below:

This bill also adds all types of new language into laws that seek to limit the political speech of groups like us and Patriots like you. Our right to petition, report, and question the Government shall not be impeded upon!

Additionally, this bill gives unilateral power to corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann and evil Democrat Chair Ken Martin to certify local party units and their leadership. This could lead to puppet BPOUs becoming recognized by the party instead of the legitimate BPOU. There have been several BPOUs in our state that have been in conflict with the state party. In the case of Kittson County, David Hann and his fellow swamp creatures continue to refuse recognition of the BPOU and even kept their delegates from voting at the GOP State Central Committee Meeting! This new power for Hann and Martin will result in overreaching authority over local party units, see text below:

Our state is in desperate need for election integrity and the ability to decide our own state’s electoral votes! Contact your Representative and tell them to oppose this corrupt bill that tries to take away our voices electorally and give permanent, unilateral power to corrupt party leaders! If we do not fight for free and fair elections, Minnesota will lost forever!

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