Never Again Petition


Stop lockdowns, the assault on small businesses, universal mask mandates and vaccine passports by Ending the Governor's Unilateral Emergency Powers for good. The Never Again Bill, authored by Rep Erik Mortensen, is the one way to ensure this Never Happens Again!

To Legislators:

Whereas, one person does not have the legal authority to remove the rights of Minnesotans protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights;

Whereas, Governor Walz abused Emergency Powers to shut down our businesses, force us to wear masks and lock us in our homes;

Whereas, free people can make safe and reasonable accommodations during a crisis while still adhering to good medical advice;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand the Legislature Pass the Never Again Bill to End Unilateral Emergency Powers;

Be it further resolved, we demand a recorded vote on all motions and bills pertaining to the Never Again Bill.

Who's signing

Mayann Frauendienst
John Duff
Larry Bickel
Dan Garscia
Alan Ek
Sherri Stumpf-Kinney
Tyler Wegener
Cathy Adams
lisa recksiedler
Sharon Holle
Roger Varo
Kelly Hanson
Brandon Walters
Jordan Stephenson
Sarah Kaminski
Laurie Palermo
Debra Prescott
Chere Kamp
you are nuts
Dawn Wasserman
Peggy Towle
Erin Manley
Gene Hodel
Michael Manoles
Thomas Bolf
Erin Pecora
Lorraine Muilenburg
Richard Horn
Douglas Johnson
Shelly Cowan

Will you sign?

  • Mayann Frauendienst
    signed 2022-12-29 19:15:21 -0600
  • John Duff
    signed 2022-12-16 21:30:30 -0600
  • Larry Bickel
    signed 2022-12-16 15:33:40 -0600
  • Dan Garscia
    signed 2022-12-08 12:52:05 -0600
    Looking to get involved, to do what I can to make sure what happened over the last few years… never happens again!
  • Alan Ek
    signed 2022-12-06 15:25:31 -0600
  • Sherri Stumpf-Kinney
    signed 2022-12-02 09:28:11 -0600
  • Tyler Wegener
    signed 2022-11-24 21:27:37 -0600
    The sad part is people still vote for these tyrants. My body my choice when it comes to murdering a baby but not an experimental “vaccine”. Facts and proof don’t matter to these people. If people still can’t see the writing on the wall, they are hopeless.
  • Cathy Adams
    signed 2022-11-24 10:09:16 -0600
    People are dying. Not from covid19 but from this poisonous cocktail labeled a vaccine but is NOT a vaccine, be stopped immediately, and those who have perpetrated this crime against humanity be held accountable, tried in a court of law, and sentenced to the highest degree of the law. We, the American people, must now pay with our lives for their crimes. If an average American were to perpetuate a crime of this magnitude, that person would be put to death, yet because of social standing and political power, no one will be held accountable. This is an abomination against your fellow human, and we demand Justice.
  • lisa recksiedler
    signed 2022-11-21 08:18:54 -0600
  • Sharon Holle
    signed 2022-11-10 18:03:59 -0600
  • Roger Varo
    signed 2022-11-09 12:01:24 -0600
  • Kelly Hanson
    signed 2022-11-08 09:45:38 -0600
  • Brandon Walters
    signed 2022-11-07 08:17:18 -0600
  • Jordan Stephenson
    signed 2022-11-06 16:45:07 -0600
  • Sarah Kaminski
    signed 2022-11-06 13:46:54 -0600
  • Laurie Palermo
    signed 2022-11-05 20:12:16 -0500
  • Debra Prescott
    signed 2022-11-04 11:06:22 -0500
  • Chere Kamp
    signed 2022-11-04 09:12:51 -0500
  • you are nuts
    signed 2022-11-02 19:48:12 -0500
    You are VERY nuts
  • Dawn Wasserman
    signed 2022-11-02 16:32:26 -0500
    I am a Minnesota nurse of 16.5 years. I walked away from my job when my employer mandated the jab. I don’t regret it and would do it again! Even though this employer accepted religious exemptions, we would still be subject to continually test for Covid. This can NEVER happen again! I can’t believe that this farce is still being perpetuated on the people of Minnesota by our politicians and the media. Thank you, Action 4 Liberty for standing in the gap and holding Tim Walz accountable!
  • Peggy Towle
    signed 2022-11-02 13:41:22 -0500
  • Erin Manley
    signed 2022-10-31 19:32:56 -0500
  • Gene Hodel
    signed 2022-10-30 16:57:35 -0500
  • Michael Manoles
    signed 2022-10-21 20:15:05 -0500
  • Thomas Bolf
    signed 2022-10-11 21:04:12 -0500
    Scott & Matt all the way
  • Erin Pecora
    signed 2022-10-09 18:54:32 -0500
  • Lorraine Muilenburg
    signed 2022-10-05 19:57:19 -0500
  • Richard Horn
    signed 2022-10-05 07:14:32 -0500
  • Douglas Johnson
    signed 2022-10-05 06:11:47 -0500
  • Shelly Cowan
    signed 2022-10-04 21:27:38 -0500