Radical Democrats Pass Anti-Gun Bills

Radical Democrats passed two anti-gun measures last night in the Minnesota House that would strip law abiding gun owners of fundamental rights. Universal Background Check legislation (HF8) passed on a 69-62 vote, with only a handful of rural Democrats voting with Republicans against it. Democrats in areas outside the metro like Rep Brad Tabke (DFL-Shakopee) supported the bill that would make it illegal for friends to loan a hunting shotgun to each other for a week of hunting. 

Here's the vote:

Democrats also passed Red Flag legislation that paves the way for government to confiscate firearms of individuals without due process. HF9 creates in law a petition for an extreme risk protection order, which if issued, requires firearms to be taken from the individual. In other words, a person's constitutionally protect right to keep and bear arms can be taken without his or her day in court.

Here's the vote:

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    It’s not “gun rights”, it’s the inalienable rights of people. The guns don’t have rights, people do. Stop focusing on the gun. It’s a person’s rights being trampled, and it’s the criminal who uses it to murder someone. The gun is just an object. You don’t say “free speech rights”. You say “freedom of speech”. That’s the right a person has. Just like the right to keep and bear arms. It’s the person’s right, not the guns. The left is constantly trying to strip people of their rights .

    ANY politician or bureaucrat, including judges who would infringe upon our inalienable rights as described under the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be denied public office, and removed from office, if serving, for abdicating their oath to office –

    Tar, feathers, a rail, and all citizens who oppose those that would trample on constitutionally protected rights, to cheer the procession onward –
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