Recall Walz


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Whereas, it’s a human right to travel, conduct trade, assemble and the Declaration of Independence recognizes the right to pursue happiness, and;

Whereas, elected officials take an oath to uphold people’s rights and are duty bound to that oath, and;

Whereas, Gov. Walz has violated a number of laws with his executive orders, and;

Whereas, Gov. Walz' illegal orders have destroyed businesses, jobs and livelihoods, and;

Whereas, Gov Walz has violated specifically the 14th Amendment that states “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law"

THEREFORE, be it resolved, that we the people of Minnesota DEMAND A RECALL of Gov. Tim Walz for his repeated offenses against his oath and the people & businesses of Minnesota.

Who's signing

Michele Riffe
Kyle Olson
Donald Mueller
Charles Makidon. DAV
Matthew Berggren
Mikaela Croyle
John Barnes
Scott Morcomb
Nick Black
Daren Engler
Lisa Schultz
Eric Wollan
Kim Daniels
Dave Dobernecker
Scott Fitzgerald
Melanie Klassen
Andrea Gibson
Joe Kawecki
Melanie Custer
Ed Custer
heather devaughn
Stacy Lundblad
Debra Kodada
Erik Spies
Jason Pintar
Elvis Weichel
Brandon Butorac
Adeline Danforth
Gary Dimberio
Dave Gralow

Will you sign?

  • Michele Riffe
    signed 2021-04-10 23:47:24 -0500
  • Kyle Olson
    signed 2021-04-10 18:58:31 -0500
  • Donald Mueller
    signed 2021-04-10 09:08:15 -0500
    Walz has over stepped his authority. Needs to be removed from office.
  • Charles Makidon. DAV
    signed 2021-04-09 17:08:29 -0500
  • Matthew Berggren
    signed 2021-04-09 03:17:41 -0500
  • Mikaela Croyle
    signed 2021-04-08 14:56:42 -0500
    Enough is enough! Recall Gov. Walz!
  • John Barnes
    signed 2021-04-08 13:42:52 -0500
  • Scott Morcomb
    signed via 2021-04-08 12:14:52 -0500
  • Nick Black
    signed 2021-04-07 18:43:19 -0500
  • Daren Engler
    signed via 2021-04-07 11:28:21 -0500
  • Lisa Schultz
    signed 2021-04-07 11:08:05 -0500
    Where’s the science? What’s the end game? Why is there no honest debate? Has anyone looked at the overall deaths, and if so, what percentage point higher than previous years? These questions were never answered, and should have been.
  • Eric Wollan
    signed 2021-04-07 10:55:38 -0500
    The EO should be ended, mask mandates should be lifted, children should be in school. This dictatorship has gone on long enough.
  • Kim Daniels
    signed 2021-04-07 06:15:27 -0500
  • Dave Dobernecker
    signed 2021-04-06 21:49:28 -0500
  • Scott Fitzgerald
    signed 2021-04-06 20:03:41 -0500
    Unforgivable how he handled the riots.
  • Melanie Klassen
    signed 2021-04-06 17:50:02 -0500
  • Andrea Gibson
    signed 2021-04-06 13:03:19 -0500
  • Joe Kawecki
    signed 2021-04-06 13:01:11 -0500
  • Melanie Custer
    signed 2021-04-06 11:08:51 -0500
  • Ed Custer
    signed 2021-04-06 11:06:36 -0500
  • heather devaughn
    signed 2021-04-06 08:14:45 -0500
  • Stacy Lundblad
    signed 2021-04-06 07:22:23 -0500
  • Debra Kodada
    signed 2021-04-06 06:20:16 -0500
  • Erik Spies
    signed 2021-04-05 12:10:23 -0500
    What Tim Walz is continuing to do to our children is child abuse. Any state that isn’t fully open as of this point and make it a personal decision by parents for their children whether they will wear a mask is blatant child abuse. There is no data on the CDC website that supports the decision that kids must wear masks and should not be in school full time. This whole last year has not been about public health policy it has been about money and politics.
  • Jason Pintar
    signed 2021-04-05 00:10:16 -0500
    Get him out. He is a complete idiot.
  • Elvis Weichel
    signed 2021-04-04 22:05:38 -0500
    Bring me in as a witness! The problem here is other supreme courts have made it clear that a governor exceeded their authority and unconstitutional. If we are supposed to be one nation, with equality, and freedom for all citizens, then it should be unconstitutional for any governor to make orders without proper legislation.
  • Brandon Butorac
    signed 2021-04-03 12:29:40 -0500
  • Adeline Danforth
    signed 2021-04-03 10:48:23 -0500
  • Gary Dimberio
    signed 2021-04-02 19:14:19 -0500
  • Dave Gralow
    signed 2021-04-02 18:21:26 -0500