Rep Leigh Finke Says Teaching Bible in School ‘Actually Unconstitutional’

Transgender Democrat State Representative Leigh Finke has gone on another Twitter tirade, this time focusing on the teaching of the Christian Bible in public schools. He even goes as far as saying that “it’s actually unconstitutional to teach the Bible in school.”

Finke posted his views about Christianity and the Bible in a series of tweets on Thursday, reacting to an Oklahoma Superintendent's comments in support of Christian teaching.


There are countless reasons that the Bible should (and is) taught in public schools. Several religions are taught in schools, because they all play a critical role in world history. There is nothing “unconstitutional” about providing historical context.

And though he will never admit it, Finke has long advocated for religious teaching in schools. His insistence on LGBTQ education is almost a religion of its own, which worships sexual identity and self gratification.

Finke’s god is LGBTQ ideology.

He has written a variety of books about children and transgender ideology. Including the infamous Queerfuly and Wonderfully Made, which encourages Christian teenagers to engage in sexual self-satisfaction, regardless of who or how that comes about.

If Finke wants religious books banned in schools, we can all start by ensuring his books are taken out of every public library.

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-07-13 17:24:52 -0500