Republican Governor of Nevada Signs Extreme Abortion Sanctuary Bill

It was not long ago when Republicans across the nation were signing praises for Joe Lombardo, the former Sheriff-turned Governor of Nevada in the red ripple of 2022. Lombardo touted his pro-life credentials on the campaign trail, using pro-life voters to sail his way into the Governor’s mansion. On Tuesday, he betrayed those voters by signing an abortion bill nearly as bad as Minnesota’s.

Senate Bill 131 makes Nevada an “abortion sanctuary state,” meaning that women can run to Nevada to get their abortions, no matter the legality in their home state. Nevada will ignore any court orders or warrants and even protect doctors who perform these procedures. Minnesota passed a similar law this year with their far-left Democrat Trifecta.

Nevada already has liberal abortion laws, which only protect babies after 25 weeks in pregnancy (into the third trimester).

Not only will more babies be killed, but young women will also be trafficked into the state to have forced abortions.

As a candidate for Governor, Joe Lombardo was endorsed by National Right to Life, a pro-life group. He also used his Catholic faith as reasoning behind his seemingly pro-life campaign platform. All of this meant nothing, apparently.

This is exactly why politicians cannot be trusted – regardless of political party. If Nevada conservatives wanted a Democrat Governor, it is clear they should have stayed home last November. Both candidates on the ballot were liberals, anyway.


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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-06-01 10:09:14 -0500