Republican Senate Just Voted to Fund Child Care Fraud (Continuing Appropriations)

The Republican controlled Minnesota Senate just passed a Continuing Appropriations bill that would increase state government spending by 6.5%and fully fund the fraudulent child care program. This bill was their gimmick to keep government's "lights on" in case negotiations break down between Gazelka and the Governor.

Here's the vote:

Instead of introducing a bill that freezes spending for the next two years, the Senate Republicans' bizarre approach was to use the State Economist's forecast numbers which grows state spending by nearly $2 Billion.

On top of that, since the bill does not direct the surplus funds, it would mean that the surplus remains in the government coffers for future spending. What about their Continuing Appropriations bill should conservatives be excited about?

Action 4 Liberty strongly opposed the passage of this bill. We expect legislators to defund the fraudulent child care program and start shrinking the size and scope of government.


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