Republicans Holding the Line on MNLARS

The disastrous government project known as MNLARS met a roadblock yesterday in the Republican controlled House. Despite wasting $93 Million of taxpayer money on a failed IT system used for processing the states motor licenses, Governor Dayton and his newly appointed MNIT chief are requesting $43 Million more. This isn't the first time we've seen politicians try solving problems by throwing more money at it.

MNIT chief Johanna Clyborne requested $10 Million immediately to "keep computer programmers on board." But Republicans in the Transportation Committee had other plans in mind and voted for Rep Paul Torkelson's bill HF 3147 which appropriates $10 Million to MNIT in exchange for an equal amount of cuts to the "general fund executive agency appropriations." The bill also requires a detailed project schedule and measurable performance benchmarks (added as amendments in committee).

Our position at Action 4 Liberty is that there should be no additional spending this session after lawmakers grew state biennium spending by a massive $4.5 Billion last year. We encourage legislators to oppose Governor Dayton's call for spending additional taxpayer money, especially to fix a problem that he is responsible for creating.


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