Second Special Session Ends - No Bonding Debt

The Legislature adjourned sine die last night with no bonding debt bill or massive compromise on Walz' illegal powers.

This last week was crazy. We went into the weekend hearing that House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt was horse trading a Fake End Powers Bill for the bonding bill. That was the last line of defense to make sure we didn't add more debt to the state credit card while Walz' still had his power.

Many supporters of Action 4 Liberty called and emailed Daudt to stop him from passing the bonding bill. They received a reply from him on Monday trying to trick them about Action 4 Liberty and divert attention to Rep Munson. Luckily, they didn't fall for his gimmick.

Meanwhile, he leaked his draft Fake End Powers Bill to the media that he was using to horse trade for bonding debt. What a shame.

House Democrats did bring the bonding debt bill to the floor for a vote over night. Attached to bonding debt was a tax bill, a clear constitutional violation according to the Single Subject Clause (Article 4, Section 17). The vote fell short of the super majority requirement to pass it: 75-57. 

The Senate decided to wait for a bonding debt bill to pass in the House, and when that did not happen, they adjourned sine die. 

Governor Walz' powers expire on August 13th. If he wants to extend them for the sixth month, he must call the legislature back to the Capitol. And that's where the big showdown will happen.

Consider donating to Action 4 Liberty to equip us in the fight. We'll have to turn up the heat on the remaining legislators so we can finally End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all.


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2020-07-21 08:32:38 -0500