Senate Passes Fake "Open Minnesota" Bill That Requires Governor's Signature

The Minnesota Senate Republicans passed a bill with DFL support today that was promoted as an "Open Minnesota" bill, but would keep Governor Walz' Emergency Powers in place and require businesses to follow guidelines by unelected bureaucrats before opening their doors. SF4511 authored by Sen Andrew Matthews fails to do what the Rep Munson Resolution in the House does: strip Governor Walz' of his illegal and unconstitutional emergency powers.

A bill or a resolution?

The Munson Resolution that received 100% Republican support in the Minnesota House on April 28th could be passed immediately by the Senate Republicans who have a three person majority in the chamber. Action 4 Liberty has called upon Senator Paul Gazelka to pass the Resolution while we put the heat on the 10 Democrats in the House needed to pass it in that chamber.

Senate Republicans instead are working on a bill that would require Governor Walz' signature to be signed into law. With only 6 days left of the legislative session, it appears the Senate Republicans are not serious about ending Walz' Emergency Powers.

Contact Paul Gazelka today and tell him we don't want a phony bill that needs the Governor's signature. Pass the Munson Resolution (HC8) now!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 651-296-4875


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