Senate Democrats Pass 'Sanctuary Bill for Genital Mutilation'; 3 Republicans Didn't Vote

Today’s votes in the State Senate displayed how weak the Senate GOP is and how evil the Senate Democrats are. HF146, the transgender sanctuary state bill that legalizes child abuse and child genital mutilation will be the law of the land as soon as Tim Walz signs it. Democrats voted in lockstep, see the vote above.

Action 4 Liberty fought for children and to stop this grooming legislation. We targeted swing district Democrats with door-knocking and phone-calling operations on this issue, but in the end, the Woke cult that has engulfed the modern Democrat Party permeated through the whole ranks of Senate Democrats.

20 Senators did not show up to the Capitol Building to debate this evil bill, preventing the GOP from properly delaying the votes. Of the 20 Senators, 13 are Republicans. 16 Senators who did not show up opted to vote remotely, however, in the end, three “Republicans” did not show up or call in their votes! Senators Carla Nelson, Rich Draheim, and Karin Housely are the three RINOs who are responsible for this dereliction of duty. 

Senate GOP leader Mark Johnson has utterly failed in getting his caucus to do their jobs. The Senate has 34 Dems and 33 GOP which means that only one Democrat needed to flip on this crucial vote. However, the math changed once three Republicans failed to do their job today. 

Senator Karin Housely posted on Twitter that she was attending a political conference where she can rub elbows with other Swamp creatures. See below:

Senator Carla Nelson posted on Facebook that she plans on having a town hall in Byron tomorrow morning! Maybe constituents will appear to give her an ear full! See below:

It was not simply the final passage of this bill that these RINOs screwed up, there was the A50 Amendment offered by Senator Jim Abeler which received support from Democratic Senator John Hoffman. If these Coleman, Draheim, Housley and Nelson were voting at that time, it would’ve passed! Additionally, it would have forced the bill to go back to the House! See Amendment and vote below:

As of the time when this was written, no excuse or reason was given for Senators Coleman, Draheim, and Nelson.

The GOP has proven themselves to be weak, pathetic, and spineless. We had a real opportunity to stop the worst bill in Minnesota’s history but four RINOs have destroyed all hope. Patriots like us need to continue to fight the Swamp, which includes Republicans and Democrats, if we want to save our liberty. Our state is going down the drain and we need to act fast. Pressure your Legislators to never screw you over like Coleman, Draheim, Housely, and Nelson did! 

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  • Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-04-21 16:50:20 -0500