Republican Senate is Already Selling Out on Stopping Vaccine Mandates

Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller is signaling that Republicans are going to sell us out on forcing a vote on the Stop Vaccine Mandate Amendment in order to pass the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill. Walz, and the gaggle of career politicians in St Paul, badly want to hand out taxpayer funded checks to workers they deem as COVID "frontline" workers. There's been an ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats at the Capitol about who is defined as a frontline worker, but almost no debate on the desire to spend the money.

Action 4 Liberty supporters have called for the Senate Republicans to refuse to pass the massive bill unless it has the Stop Vaccine Mandate Amendment attached to it, which would ban all vaccine mandates in the state (public and private) and would nullify federal vaccine mandates inside the state boundaries. It's the one shot they have at protecting the health freedom of Minnesotans until the legislature reconvenes on January 31st of 2022. 

Unfortunately, Jeremy Miller has recently stated that Republicans are only focused on stopping Walz' mandates on state government workers. This is a big sell out since people all across the state are currently being terminated from their jobs for refusing to get the jab. Even nurses are being laid off despite a huge worker shortage in the health care industry. 

In a letter to the Governor on November 22nd, Miller lists items that he thinks could be "agreed to prior to a one-day special session" which includes a prohibition on "state-issued COVID vaccination mandates". He's also willing to protect Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm's job in order to pass the comprised position.

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  • Jonathan Hanson
    commented 2021-12-02 08:12:37 -0600
    Rep. Pete Stauber, MN 8th District, just showed his true RINO colors by voting to pass $400 million for a national database tracking unvaccinated Americans. This will be used to unlawfully collect medical data on Americans and coerce them into getting a vaccine or booster.

    Jake, you should cover this, and everyone should let Stauber know this action is not to be tolerated and that he will be primaried!
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