Stop Vaccine Mandates


Forcing people to get vaccines is WRONG! Government and private businesses have no right to infringe on your health freedom. This is such an important right, that we can't get it wrong. Which is why we DEMAND that the Minnesota Senate, the Minnesota House and Governor Walz immediately pass legislation protecting Minnesotans from mandated vaccination by government agencies and private businesses.

To Governor Walz and legislators:

Whereas, one person does not have the legal authority to remove the rights of Minnesotans protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights;

Whereas, Governor Walz' mandated vaccination of state government workers is an illegal order that infringes on the rights of employees;

Whereas, the private sector also must protect the personal health freedom of individuals, both employees and customers, and;

Whereas, government and private businesses segmenting the population by vaccination status creates a defacto second class citizen;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand the Legislature and Governor Walz protect health freedom by immediately passing legislation that STOPS forced vaccinations and vaccine passports;

Be it further resolved, that we demand a recorded vote on all motions and bills pertaining to restrictions of forced vaccinations or vaccine passports to provide transparency 

Who's signing

Michael Mccallson
Melanie Sobania
Jeffrey Mertz
Holli Pramann
Kenneth Johnson
John Price
LeRoy Holloway
David Hebert
Tim Maloy
Barry Baumann
Rose Flor
David Rude
Mark Berg
Pam Dickmeyer
Karen M
Richard Vandeveer
Kimberly Lokken
Wendy Weinert
Lita Cantin
Darwin Maus
Teresa Vetsch
Bob Kunz
Sally Martin
Cindy Courneya
Joan Elder
Julie Holman
Susan Erickson
Sarah Schwitters
Michelle Herlund
Joneen Northquest

Will you sign?

  • Michael Mccallson
    signed 2021-08-13 05:49:20 -0500
  • Melanie Sobania
    signed 2021-08-13 05:38:39 -0500
    This is not a vaccine because it doesn’t stop you from getting COVID it only makes you have less symptoms if you get it. It is a therapeutic. Therefore, you can’t mandate that adults or children take it. I already had COVID and have natural immunity. I am sick and tired of the government trying to control us like they know what’s best for us! We have freedoms and rights that are granted by God and not the Government. I will not comply!
  • Jeffrey Mertz
    signed 2021-08-13 05:19:09 -0500
    Freedom of choice is what America was built on. I have a friend that works for FDA and he said the vaccine is riskier than the virus!
  • Holli Pramann
    signed 2021-08-13 05:17:26 -0500
  • Kenneth Johnson
    signed 2021-08-13 05:17:05 -0500
  • John Price
    signed 2021-08-13 04:32:02 -0500
    Nuremberg…“where are your papers?” No thanks!
  • LeRoy Holloway
    signed 2021-08-13 04:29:24 -0500
  • David Hebert
    signed 2021-08-13 04:26:09 -0500
  • Tim Maloy
    signed 2021-08-13 03:16:39 -0500
  • Barry Baumann
    signed 2021-08-13 02:37:20 -0500
  • Rose Flor
    signed 2021-08-13 02:11:45 -0500
  • David Rude
    signed 2021-08-13 01:47:37 -0500
  • Mark Berg
    signed 2021-08-13 01:43:20 -0500
    These vaccines are killer shots. Do not you wonder why oh why are they so desperate to get them into you..? They are full of poisons. They have killed over 500 thousand and they still push them…The China flu is the mildest flu in 2000 years. We are in a stage like Germany in 1938.
  • Pam Dickmeyer
    signed 2021-08-13 01:41:19 -0500
  • Karen M
    signed 2021-08-13 01:40:58 -0500
    My body my choice! And my choice is none of your business!
  • Richard Vandeveer
    signed 2021-08-13 01:36:37 -0500
  • Kimberly Lokken
    signed 2021-08-13 01:14:05 -0500
  • Wendy Weinert
    signed 2021-08-13 01:04:50 -0500
    So the tyrannical government! Let us know how we can help.
  • Lita Cantin
    signed 2021-08-13 00:57:45 -0500
  • Darwin Maus
    signed 2021-08-13 00:42:27 -0500
  • Teresa Vetsch
    signed 2021-08-13 00:20:43 -0500
  • Bob Kunz
    signed 2021-08-13 00:13:00 -0500
  • Sally Martin
    signed 2021-08-13 00:06:36 -0500
    I will always refuse to get this untested vaccine, no matter how many places I’m barred from!
  • Cindy Courneya
    signed 2021-08-12 23:54:05 -0500
  • Joan Elder
    signed 2021-08-12 23:41:20 -0500
  • Julie Holman
    signed 2021-08-12 23:39:49 -0500
  • Susan Erickson
    signed 2021-08-12 23:25:14 -0500
  • Sarah Schwitters
    signed 2021-08-12 23:25:03 -0500
  • Michelle Herlund
    signed 2021-08-12 23:23:05 -0500
    No vaccine mandates!!
  • Joneen Northquest
    signed 2021-08-12 23:15:07 -0500