Three House Republicans Vote for Gun Control

Last week, Minnesota House Democrats pushed another one of their insane gun control proposals. This time, legislation that bans binary triggers – a simple modification to semiautomatic firearms that slightly increases the rate of fire. This bill also increases penalties for transferring firearms in ways not approved by the state. HF 2609 passed the house in a vote of 71-59, with three Republicans voting with Democrats.

Here's the vote board to prove it!

Those Republicans include Representative Andrew Myers (a former co-sponsor on the bill!), Representative Mark Wiens, and Representative Jeff Witte. Wiens and Witte were actually endorsed by the Minnesota Gun Owner's Caucus -- who was recently commended by a Democrat Senator for their support of gun control legislation. 

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and their PAC (MNGOCPAC) has a history of endorsing anti-gun politicians and candidates. This organization has gone so far as to DONATING to the DFL party back in 2018.

Here's a screenshot taken directly from the Campaign Finance Board website showing a $500 donation to the DFL State Central Committee. The leadership of the MNGOCPAC claims they donated $500 to the Democrats in order to have a booth at their convention so they could attempt to influence anti-gun politicians and find pro-gun Democrats.  Apparently the MNGOCPAC thinks endorsing anti-gun candidates and donating to Democrats is the best way to fight the Democrat gun control agenda.


The other piece of legislation was the mandatory storage bill – HF 4300 – which passed on a smaller party-line vote. 

Both pieces of legislation have been sent to the Senate which sits at a standstill. Democrats there have a narrow majority of 34-33. The majority caucus is considering a vote on both pieces of legislation with their resident burglar, Senator Nicole Mitchell, facing a criminal trial for breaking into her stepmother’s home.

There’s hope that this legislation dies in the Senate with such a slim majority. If it passes, however, you’ll know that three Republicans in the State House helped make it happen. Be sure that Reps Myers, Wiens, and Witte know that they violated YOUR Second Amendment rights and be wary of the MN Gun Owners caucus and the candidates they endorse.


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    You’ve got to stop paying attention to the Dorr brothers and their fundraising scams.
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