Trudeau Uses Pandemic Crisis to Ban Firearms in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have embraced the concept "never let a good crisis go to waste" as he announced moments ago a ban on 1,500 makes and models of popular sporting rifles. Starting today, sales, transportation or use of the firearms is illegal in Canada. 

The massive ban was not passed through legislation, instead it was an executive order issued by Trudeau himself and now being enforced by Canada's Public Safety Minister. Owners of these firearms have a two year amnesty period to comply with the ban.

Many states, including Minnesota, are allowing the same kind of illegal, unconstitutional executive actions by Governors become the laws of the land despite legislatures who are actively still in session. Governor Walz has used illegal powers to shutdown large portions of our economy and impact civil liberties like religious practice.

Are gun bans next in Minnesota?

If Governors like Walz are not limited by the separation of powers clause in the state constitutions, then it's reasonable to think we're one gun tragedy away from seeing this at home. 


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