Trump Destroys Biden; Old & Senile Biden EXPOSED, Did Media/Camp Team Set him Up to Fail?

President Trump and Resident Biden met on Thursday, June 27th on CNN in Georgia. This debate confirmed what all honest people would admit before; Joe Biden is incompetent and the worst President in the history of our country.

Fake news media realized immediately that they could no longer cover up what was before our very eyes. Across all fake news stations like NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, “journalists” stated that they have received phone calls from “senior Democrat officials” who want Joe Biden to step down from the nomination. The unholy alliance and collusion between the media and Democrat Party/Deep State is admitted live on television!

Moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash ran a neutral and fair debate between dementia Joe and a poised Donald Trump. It shows how strong MAGA principles can resonate when a common sense businessman with an America First track record as President stands next to a crooked, know-nothing, brain-fried, career politician who has destroyed our country. It is now obvious that Trump will win in a landslide against Biden. Biden’s incompetence is getting more attention than Trump’s incredible performance, when they should be said in the same breath. Trump dropped all kinds of truth bombs and exposed how corrupt the Democrats are. He followed the debate rules and showed what a true President looks like. Trump attacking Biden's golf game was hilarious and epic!

Some Patriots have had the foresight suspecting that Democrats would toss Biden out at the last minute. This was labeled as a ‘baseless conspiracy’ by Biden’s White House and campaign officials, as well as the corrupt media. However, John Kerry feared Biden’s competency in 2020 and considered running in the primary himself! One has to imagine that 81 year old Biden was given all kinds of performance enhancements before the debate, indicating that his cognitive abilities are even further impaired typically. 

National embarrassment VP Kamala Harris tried to cover up the mess Biden made during the debate during somber, cackling-free interviews with Anderson Cooper on CNN and Linsey Davis on ABC. She claims she continues to support Biden as the nominee and that he simply had a slow start. Everything about Joe is slow. An untalented hack like Kamala is clinging onto power and is desperate to save face. She likely does not know who to get her marching orders from. 

Some Democrats like corrupt Raphael Warnock and tyrant Gavin Newsom spoke in the media spin room after the debate stating that they stand by Joe Biden and his record. Perhaps they think their loyalty will be rewarded with the nomination in 2028 or perhaps even sooner. This type of political gamesmanship is what regular Americans despise and see right through. 

Some have suggested that Newsom was always running a shadow campaign, in some ways doing more than just shadow-work. This was seen in a Fox News debate hosted by Sean Hannity between Governors DeSantis and Newsom, which arguably proved both politicians to simply be talking point puppets. Along with Newsom, Michelle Obama has been a floated name. The media has even put bread crumbs, like the New York Post recently suggesting that Hillary Clinton should replace Kamala!

The State of the Democratic Primary

Biden spoke in NC today (6/28/24) claiming he is in staying in the race. If it is assumed that our Dianne Feinstein President drops out of the race, the delegates of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on August 19th-22nd in Chicago would be unbound and allowed to select a new nominee. In most cases the VP would be the obvious suggestion, however, Kamala Harris is hated by the American people and likely does not have the grassroots support within the party to run.

Newsom is the hungriest for the opportunity to pounce but he does not want to jump on it too quickly otherwise public perception will be destroyed. While Uniparty media creates fabricated support for Newsom, he has replaced what likely would have been former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s place in this mess. While Michelle Obama seemingly does not want to run for President, especially with all of the Big Mike speculations, she would unify their party around their favorite rally cry: Identity Politics.

Pressure will now mount on DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, who is a big time loser in his own right. After running against and losing to universally hated Globalist RINO Lindsey Graham (where over $270M was raised) the DNC knew that Harrison stood for nothing and would say anything to bring the party money! He, along with Antifa Keith Ellison and deep state plant Pete Buttigieg, had debuts for the DNC Chair slot back in 2017!

Other notable names who may choose to run for President now includes several top leaders among the Democratic ranks: 1. Governors: Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Tim Walz (MN), Josh Shapiro (PA), Andy Beshear (KY), JB Prtizker (IL), Jay Inslee (WA), Wes Moore (MD). 2. US Senators: Elizabeth Warren (MA), Mark Kelly (AZ), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Joe Manchin (WV), Bernie Sanders (VT). 3. Other candidates who ran in the 2016, 2020, and 2024 primaries. Rep. Dean Phillips is likely in that picture but one has to wonder why people would care about him when they didn’t before.

Circumstances like the ones we find ourselves in are unprecedented and certainly could cause many firsts for our nation, however there is plenty that we can learn from our past. The pro-Palestine protests/riots/campouts may cause civil unrest in Chicago, a city already plagued with crime, drugs, homelessness, poverty, corrupt politicians, and illegal immigrants getting treated better than the citizens. While protests were a concern before the debate, they may reach a whole new level if a new candidate can be decided. This places tremendous power on delegates who have likely been elected to that role in a similar way to Minnesota’s political process (through party state/CD conventions). 

For historical context, the last contested national party convention was the 1968 DNC (also held in August in Chicago) which was met with tens of thousands of protesters, mostly in opposition to the Vietnam War. After the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, civil unrest was building and anger with President Lyndon Johnson mounted several primary campaigns against him before he withdrew. Senators Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota and Robert F. Kennedy of New York ran and traded primary victories, while incumbent VP Hubert Humphrey collected delegates through caucus/convention states as opposed to primaries. Like his brother, Robert Kennedy was assassinated. With Kennedy’s delegates scattered, establishment-backed Humphrey went on to win the nomination and get destroyed by Richard Nixon in the general election. The 1860 DNC temporarily split the party while opposing Abraham Lincoln, the 1924 DNC had 103 ballots cast over 17 days, and the 1964 RNC attempted to replace Barry Goldwater.

Like his father ran against Lyndon Johnson and his Uncle Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter, RFK Jr. initially started his campaign as a Democrat. The rigged, un-Democratic primary for Biden was corrupt to its core and Bobby Kennedy chose to run as an independent. RFK Jr. would likely find himself in a much better polling position if Trump wasn’t the GOP nominee and an establishment hack was instead.  However, anti-establishment voters see that President Trump is the man for the moment. It should be noted that CNN used BS rules to disqualify RFK Jr. from the debate, just as the Commission on Presidential Debates has done to third party candidates following 1992.

Did CNN/Biden’s Team Set Biden Up?

One has to wonder how Biden’s team allowed him to go up there and embarrass himself and the whole Democratic party. It is especially odd that the Democrats propped up Biden leading up to this debate just to drop him once he performs terribly and confirming for the whole world how senile he is. From his voice to his demeanor to his words, Biden is a shell of a man. 

CNN perhaps wanted Biden to expose himself because they knew they could no longer cover for him. Biden’s team must have known better than to put him on that stage, yet they did anyway. It is extremely noteworthy that this is the earliest Presidential debate in modern history, taking place before the national conventions was not accidental. CNN may have chosen to throw Biden under the bus because they refuse to keep telling a blatant lie to the American people, diminishing their credibility. They all want to replace him now, but it is up to Joe Biden to withdraw and he may choose to be stubborn and refuse to cooperate. 

For voters that visited Biden's X account after the debate, they were met with divisive, woke, and pandering propaganda about "Pride Month". Would his team honestly think that is what Americans want to see coming from the President while our country is on the brink of WWIII? See below:


The Deep State is looking to replace Joe Biden because they cannot cover for him until November and for another 4 long years. Biden’s time in office will be over after this election and it appears that in all likelihood, Trump will retake the White House to Make America Great Again. Some Democrats are trying to put the cat back in the bag but it is wholly too late to unring this bell. The American people know how the Democrats have lied to us about Biden this whole time. How could we ever let them be rewarded for all they’ve done to destroy our country?

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