Uber/Lyft Killing Bill Passes, Will Double Rates for Rides

Democrats in our state have utilized their trifecta power to steamroll the most immoral, unconstitutional, power-hungry, taxpayer-hating, and Socialist legislation we have ever seen in Minnesota. This session has been led by the Radical Left and they continue to destroy every shred of common sense we have left. Now, the death of Uber is at our doorsteps.

Yesterday in the Senate, they passed the Uber/Lyft Socialist Takeover Bill (HF2369). We previously reported on this bill, which was being led by Communist legislators like Omar Fateh. Democrats had threats from Fateh and other far-left legislators who suggested that they would withhold their votes from budget bills (which could be decided by a single vote in the Senate) unless this bill passed. It appears, as usual, that the Democrats cater to their most radical members and will vote in lockstep to push whatever they want. 

The Democrat controlled House passed the bill on May 18th.

This bill would, among other terrible things, mandate how much Uber/Lyft must pay their drivers per mile and per minute. This is being posed as a measure to help the drivers with these companies but in reality, these Socialist Senators and Representatives may be costing these drivers their jobs. Minnesota may become the only state in the nation that does not have these ride share services because of bureaucratic regulations. See text of bill below:

The Car Share companies have stated that the bill will likely double the cost of rides for Uber/Lyft and cost 50% more than major cities like New York City or San Francisco. This bill will destroy Uber and Lyft in our state and we may see them pack up their bags and leave! The Socialist Takeover of Uber/Lyft will hurt drivers because at the very least, they will lose customers. At worst, they will lose their jobs.

However, it is not just Democrats to blame for this. RINO Senator Jim Abeler (SD35) was the only GOP vote for this Socialist bill that will kill Uber and Lyft. The vote was 35-32. See below:

Uber and Lyft have both put out statements that say that they may be forced to leave Minnesota due to these unbelievable regulations and unaffordable cost of operations. There are no examples of businesses who are benefitted when the government gets involved, they often get worse or go out of business.

Uber said the following in a statement: “Since March, we have asked legislators to work with us to pass a bill that raises rates for drivers without doubling the cost for riders. We have worked directly with drivers to negotiate a deal that increases their rates, adds additional insurance and protects their status as independent contractors. Unfortunately, that is not what we see in the bills going through the legislature.”

Lyft issued the following statement: "Fair pay for drivers is an important topic, but it needs to be done in a way that doesn't jeopardize the service for the majority of Minnesotans," They continued "Instead of forcing a bill that would destroy the service for many of the communities who depend on it, we should continue to work together on a solution that benefits all."

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  • Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-05-22 16:33:08 -0500