Uncovered: Chinese-Owned TikTok has Minnesota Lobbyists

The Chinese spying software known as TikTok is a massive threat to our country’s national security and an individual’s privacy and data. We stand nothing to gain by giving the Chinese Communist Party all of our information and they are infiltrating our government with lobbyists.

TikTok collecting our data would allow sensitive information to be in the hands of our adversary and it allows them to influence our culture. There is an undeniable addiction many people now have to social media and TikTok is specifically designed to trap people in. Joe Rogan helped expose the privacy policy, which gives TikTok all kinds of information from your phone like your texts, calls, and search histories. Nationwide, TikTok has been creating an army of lobbyists, some of which are former US Senators and Congressmen.

Tim Walz refuses to ban TikTok on Minnesota issued devices and even suggests that the Elon Musk owned Twitter is dangerous. Is Tim Walz being lobbied to keep TikTok’s surveillance or is it because of his genuine affinity towards China and totalitarian governments? It could be either, or worse, both.

TikTok is now filed with the Campaign Finance Board as a lobbying organization but we will not be able to see their disbursements until 6/16/23. As of March 1st, TikTok has acquired five lobbyists in Minnesota to bribe legislators and other politicians. See below:

Each of these lobbyists have an extensive history in this profession, all of which have worked or are currently working as lobbyists for governmental entities such as cities and counties. If they are simultaneously receiving money from tax dollars and from foreign entities like TikTok, that is corrupt and it must be stopped. Once disbursements are released on 6/16/23, we will have more information on that front.

Upon review of these individuals, it appears they are paid by both TikTok and your taxes. If you are in one of the following Counties or Cities, your locality is paying someone to lobby on their behalf while China is doing the same thing. The following Counties have hired one or more of these individuals as lobbyists: Chisago, Lake of the Woods, Martin, and Washington. The following cities have done the same: Columbus, North Branch, and North Saint Paul.

We should not have lobbyists pushing for the interests of foreign companies, especially those that collect our personal information for the CCP. If you live in one of the cities or counties listed, reach out to the county and demand they fire the lobbyist! It is impossible for an individual to fight on behalf of TikTok and your community, their loyalty truly lies with the money. It is time to stand up and fight before China and the Globalists completely take over our state!


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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-03-21 16:16:59 -0500