URGENT: Stop Them From Spending Surplus

The Minnesota Swamp has struck a deal to spend YOUR Surplus money!

Remember, they overtaxed us by $12 Billion - which equates to over $4,000 per taxpayer. GIVE IT BACK!

But the cries to Give It Back have fallen on deaf ears. Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (Big RINO) is leading the charge to spend YOUR surplus money. He just struck a deal with Tim Walz and the Democrat House "Leaders."

Democrats got nearly everything they asked for out of this deal, including $1 Billion for teacher’s unions, $1 Billion for more health and human services spending, and $1.5 Billion for legislators’ pet projects.

If your legislators pass this legislation, Government would GROW and you would get almost none of your money back!

Any Republican who votes for this legislation will obliterate the narrative that they were ever for fiscal responsibility. This cannot stand.

Remember, if legislators had returned the $12 Billion dollar surplus, you would receive a check back for $4,000! I don't know about you, but with Biden's gas prices climbing everyday, my family could use that money back in our pockets. 

Action 4 Liberty will be mobilizing grassroots conservatives to pressure their legislators to vote against surplus spending

It all starts with you. Contact your State Senator and State Representative NOW, and demand that they vote against this big spending scheme to appease the Left. 


With just days left until the end of the legislative session, you and I cannot afford to waste time. 

Look no further than our past pressure campaigns. With your help last year, my team successfully pressured legislators to end Governor Walz’ “Emergency” that shut down churches, businesses, and schools. 

My team knocked on doors in vulnerable DFL legislative districts, telling their constituents that these cronies defended Walz and his emergency powers.

Our Pressure Campaigns Work. 

With such a short time to go, I cannot guarantee that we’ll stop this reckless spending unfortunately. Perhaps that’s why these cronies waited to the last days to sell out on us. 

But it’s our money and they OWE it to us!

What I can guarantee, however, is that these legislators will pay a price for wasting your tax dollars. Holding politicians accountable is what my team does best. With your help, we’ll put the St. Paul Swamp back in their place.

Let’s remind them that they work for us. It's time to GIVE IT BACK!


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2022-05-19 11:37:19 -0500