Walz and Democrats Announce Budget Proposal; Screws over Taxpayers


Yesterday, Tim Walz led a press conference that pushed to increase the budget, spend away our overtaxed Surplus, create over 3000 new taxpayer-funded state government employees, and grow the size and scope of government. Additionally, Walz said there may be some scraps for the taxpayers after they blow through as much money as possible.

House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Senate President Bobby Joe Champion joined Walz in this mess of a press conference. They plan on appropriating $17.9 Billion towards failing schools, climate cultist groups, and other leftist dreams. Our massive Surplus should have indicated that our state needs tax cuts, spending cuts, and a full return of overtaxed dollars. Instead, they are expanding the government on our dime.

Despite previously arguing for a higher percentage of the Surplus to be returned, Walz argued that wasting our money is “compromising” and “good governance”. The blunt truth is that Walz lied about returning our money, he is lying about cutting taxes for Minnesotans, and he is lying about the disaster budget he is pushing! See the details of the plan below:

When the government grows, our freedom shrinks. Minnesota taxpayers have been screwed over by Walz and this Socialist budget. Democrats are pushing an extreme agenda that swing district voters had no idea they were voting for. Contact your Legislators and tell them to oppose any and all spending by Walz and the Democrats. Demand they return the Surplus to Taxpayers!


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