Walz Gas Tax Will Cost You a Dozen Nightcrawlers on the Opener

Governor Walz will spend Saturday morning on the water for the traditional Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener. This year the event will be held in Albert Lea, a mere 101 miles from St Paul (many of us travel further).

If Walz and Democrats had their way, that round trip would cost you an additional $2-$3 depending on how bad towing your boat affects your gas mileage. In other words, Walz' gas tax increase will cost you a dozen nightcrawlers for the Opener.

In case you're worried, I'm sure Walz' trip won't hurt him financially. Costs are most likely covered by you, the taxpayer.

Annually, the gas tax increase would cost an average family nearly $300. We assume Walz' fishing expeditions are the typical politician PR gigs, so from an angler's perspective, let's break down what that $300 could buy us so he can learn a little something about fishing in Minnesota.

Here are a few items that $300 could buy:

  • 43 new Rapalas
  • A nice pair of new waders
  • Fixing the 'ol outboard
  • Helix 5 Fish Finder with GPS
  • A really sweet new St Croix rod, or
  • 7 highly dependable Ugly Sticks

It doesn't matter what kind of fishing budget you have, if Governor Walz and Democrats have their way, you will have less money to spend on the lake this summer. That's not Minnesota Nice of them!

Action 4 Liberty believes in lowering government spending and reducing taxes. Our state is running a massive $4 Billion budget surplus. Walz has plenty of money for roads and infrastructure, he just needs to prioritize spending on the right areas of government. 

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