Walz-Gazelka: Stop Funding Child Care Fraud!

The skies are getting darker over the Capitol as the 2019 Legislative Session winds down. After four months of legislative work, the whole law-making process boils down to negotiations between Governor Walz, Speaker Melissa Hortman and Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka. And these negotiations are happening behind closed doors.

We know the Republican Senate is rushing a bill to fund government operations for the next two years to the Senate floor this afternoon. This Continuing Appropriations bill would fund the fraudulent child care program in its entirety.

Action 4 Liberty has demanded that Senate Republicans stick their heals in the swamp mud when negotiating with Governor Walz to defund the fraudulent program. Yesterday we delivered 12,000 of your petitions to end the fraud.


Thanks to the generosity of the thousands of supporters of Action 4 Liberty, we were able to fund a second flight to bring important attention to this issue. $100 Millionof fraudulent child care claims are being stolen from taxpayers in this state and flown in suitcases of cash to Somalia. Now everyone traveling the major metro corridors heading home for the weekend or up to the cabin will see our message.



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