Walz Luring 12 Yr Olds with Money to Get Experimental Jab

Governor Walz and the Department of Health just launched a new program aimed at getting minors, as young as 12 years old, to take the experimental COVID vaccine. The incentive for them is that they get a VISA gift card worth $100 once they notify the government's Department of Health. All they have to do to receive the "prize" is "roll up [their] sleeves", according to the program's promotion.

The long term impact of the COVID vaccines (mRNA) are unknown at this time. Which has raised caution from leading medical professionals like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology. The vaccines are also not FDA approved and have not had the trials necessary to ensure safety. Instead, the vaccine's usage comes from an Emergency Use Authorization from the federal government. 

More and more Americans are starting to question the vaccines, but the ability to spread information is being heavily censored by big tech. We're in a position now that the mainstream media, big tech and the government's narrative is almost unchecked. For those who have researched it themselves or don't trust the media and government, Walz thinks he can increase vaccinations by taxpayer funded incentives. 

Recent guest on Joe Rogan's podcast revealing the horrible effects of the vaccine:


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