Walz' New Lockdown Targets YOUR Home

It's official. Tyrant-in-the-Making Tim Walz just announced his new lockdown, exercising "emergency powers" he does not have. Despite what you hear from the media, this lockdown is just as bad and just as painful.

This time Walz is targeting YOUR home! And that's just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations with family.

KSTP reports: "TheĀ governor will limit gatherings to a maximum of 10 people, regardless of whether the gathering is indoors or outdoors. Those gatherings will also be limited to people from a maximum of three households."

Are you kidding me? Even if a family wants to brave the weather and host Thanksgiving in their backyard, our overlord Timmy does not approve that behavior for his subjects.

The Team at Action 4 Liberty is committed to Ending Walz' Emergency Powers because, like you, we also have a lot at stake. We have children in schools, business being impacted by the lockdown and we all value our liberty so much!

Democrats need to pay attention to what just happened last Tuesday. We needed to take out four bad voting Democrats and we accomplished it. In the case of politician Brad Tabke, we replaced him with a liberty champion named Erik Mortensen.

We're coming out of this election with more power, more influence and more energy! So when the Legislature meets on Thursday to decide if they will end Walz' Emergency Powers again, we will be right back there defending YOUR liberty and Minnesota businesses.

Walz' Assault on YOUR home and YOUR Thanksgiving plans can be killed on Thursday by the Legislature. Let's not wait until the new legislators take office in January, let's kick in the door and demand a "YES" vote now on Ending Walz' Emergency Powers!

The best way to help in this fight is to donate to our marketing budget. We must get the message out to more Minnesotans who are feeling the pain from the new lockdown. Help us harness their frustration and guide it to the right targets in St Paul.

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  • Mary Beth Hellen
    commented 2020-11-28 08:26:14 -0600
    Don’t be afraid Minnesotans!
    Stand up for you God-given rights!
    Refuse to obey!
  • aj P
    commented 2020-11-11 12:24:28 -0600
    #NoSuchThingAsPublicHealth #HealthIsPrivateInfrastructureIsPublic. #PublicHealthScamms #YerNotMyMommie #MyHealthIsNotUnderAnHOA

    ~Just saying… we need to get this new “meme” out there, folks. We all hear the term: “PublicHealth” … and are societally conditioned to believe its in the greater good… etc.

    Health is internal and private, -only thing we all own collectively is infrastructure.

    Disease disappears when populations have clean surroundings, -via infrastructure, like city-wide plumbing and fresh, clean, untainted water…along with enough pay to afford a decent “rest-work-recreation” lifestyle, and friends,
    fresh air, and family smiles shared….

    This is just an insidious way to destroy American Sovereignty and bodily freedoms.
    See how its just a way to use our GOOD NATURE against us?

    HELP! Publish this meme everywhere… I know I am doing this. It shakes loose the ideas of BigDaddy Govt. deciding for us what goes into or happens to our bodies. Next… cattle ear tags for Minnesotans. Signed by Commie “China’s boy” Walz.

    Digital censorship of these ideas is real… I am making up some 3’5’ slips of paper with those thoughts and handing them out at the malls, grocery stores, and under windshield wipers… Big-tech can’t censor physical paper. If u wish to follow suit, please also include some good links for people to go to for more resources, as Big Tech hates us for our freedoms.

    Happy Veteran’s Day! And GOD BLESS American Veterans!
    Much LOVE to all. <3
  • Kate Yurcich
    commented 2020-11-11 08:48:13 -0600
    If allowed, this is how the communists OVERRIDE your INHERENT Right to make that medical decision for yourself…it PRESUMES the STATE makes that decision, not the people. You give them an inch they will take ten miles…
    I got news for Walz and his commie cronies.
    WeThePeople of USA ARE THE PRESUMED grantors/beneficiaries of OUR government NOT FOREIGN INTERESTS!
    That means our government is a PUBLIC TRUST. We elect our PUBLIC TRUSTEES and they are granted by us limited powers and authority.
    WeThePeople established this government for OUR BENEFIT not a foreign interest with opposing ideologies!!!!
    That means all rights NOT granted to our government ARE RESERVED TO THE PEOPLE.
    We NEVER granted power and authority to IMPOSE irrational mandates on us that are NOT based in basic science!!!!
    WE DO NOT CONSENT to this tyranny! You have shown all of us this past year how you overstepped your bounds. Step down now!!!!