Walz' Partial Open Is Slap In the Face Of Businesses

This afternoon, Governor Walz partially opened up Minnesota by turning the dials, as they say in St Paul. Meaning Walz is continuing to exercise his illegal emergency powers which he believes allow him to move the metaphorical "open or close" dial for Minnesota businesses and citizens. 

Despite the massive evidence suggesting that the COVID pandemic is extremely overblown, Walz refused to open up restaurants, bars, gyms, resorts and churches fully. Instead they are capped at 50% capacity (gyms are 25%). And...get this, the new loosening of restrictions doesn't take effect until June 10th. Minnesota restaurants and bars will have to suffer another beautiful Minnesota summer weekend with no cash flow.

Action 4 Liberty has chatted to hundreds of businesses in the last couple weeks who are affected by Walz' illegal orders. One of those businesses made headlines when they planned opening up early. Walz sent Attorney General Ellison to the scene who threaten a lawsuit and massive fines for disobeying the order.

By our count, at least 50 business secretly opened up last Friday throughout the state. More are expected to open up this weekend in defiance of Governor Walz. Businesses in Greater Minnesota just can't survive another weekend with their doors closed. 

In the press conference, Walz stated that his partial reopening leaves uncertainty on the impact of spreading the Coronavirus in the state. However, our neighbors to the East have now been reopened for over three weeks without a spike in COVID related deaths. On top of that, South Dakota never closed and remains in good shape.

Action 4 Liberty believes Governor Walz has clearly shown he is violating the oath of office by trampling on our rights. We encourage people to sign the petition to Recall Walz.


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2020-06-05 16:27:25 -0500