Walz Throws Out Freedoms with Newest Executive Order

Governor Tim Walz went a step too far yesterday when issuing Executive Order 20-04 which closes all bars, restaurants, and other places of "public accommodation". Citing Minnesota Statutes 2019, section 12.21, subdivision 3(1), Walz proclaims he has the authority to infringe on the rights of private citizens. Constitution be damned!

The spirit of the Minnesota Constitution is embedded in Article 16: "The enumeration of rights in this constitution shall not deny or impair others retained by and inherent in the people."

Walz and politicians in St Paul must understand that the rule of law in this state is the Constitution, not some vague statute that power hungry Governors can use to trample rights. If the Governor has the right to do whatever he sees fit, then what is the point in a Bill of Rights? Can he then use this vague power to set curfews, limit our speech or ban our firearms?

Many will argue that the Governor's right to carry out such an order is inherit in the system of licensing and regulation of private businesses. After all, it's the state of Minnesota that issues liquor licenses to establishments. But this is a gross exaggeration of power. The government issues drivers licenses to citizens. Using that logic, would they have the right to ban all citizens with government issued drivers licenses from owning a vehicle? 

Is it good to avoid bars and restaurants?

In order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it's generally a good policy for individuals to avoid places with more than 10 people, especially if they live or come in contact with someone in a high risk class (elderly or chronic health issues). The risk is much lower in rural areas in Minnesota that are not affected by the virus. We should let these business owners make the call.

It's not too hard to understand the severe economic repercussions of this order. Thousands of low income, service workers will be out of a job for months to come and restaurants owners who are already in a cutthroat business, will have several months of negative cash flow.

Action 4 Liberty believes the Governor went too far and does not have the right to tell private businesses to shut their doors. In this crisis, politicians have become authoritarian and our Constitution has been trampled. Walz should send out advisories instead of orders. It's good to share the wisdom of the scientific community. But once we've gone against the rights of the people, we've gone too far.

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  • Travis Dotseth
    commented 2020-03-17 16:41:29 -0500
    He is creating excuses for dispersing the 4 Billion surplus when this is all over. And it won’t be fairly dispersed amongst those of us who paid it in.
  • eugene emahiser
    commented 2020-03-17 13:30:18 -0500
    You are listening to the rantings of an immature, mentally deficient, immoral mammal who accidentally obtained an opportunity to exhibit his shortfalls and twisted logical output to the masses. This is Minnesota, not Washington or Colorado, or… God Forbid!…. the NE USA. Doubtless, he suffers from the widespread deficiency of Trump Syndrome, and needs not help, but release from the responsibilities of running this God Blessed State. The truth of what I just said will escape this Humoid because he is without a church home that teaches honesty and the servant burden of being in charge… Lord hear this prayer. Tim baby, listen to an elder… Let my people Go! That is an order from you constituency…. and God himself. Consider doing your public a favor: investigate the possibly of moving to Washington State… They would love you. I am holding my breath. Please say yes to expanding your horizon to include the West Coast. Call it Home. And don’t call us….
    Bro Gene International Falls MN
  • J Scott Casper
    commented 2020-03-17 12:12:30 -0500
    All I can say is a famous quote from a founding father, give me liberty or give me death. It is my right to decide if I want to go out or not nobody else’s.