Walz to Bribe Minnesotans into Getting Vaccine Using Your Tax Dollars

Governor Walz is considering an incentive program to increase the vaccination rate in Minnesota using taxpayer dollars. After the initial wave of vaccinations among the elderly and frontline workers, there has been a widely reported decline in the amount of Minnesotans who are seeking vaccinations. This problem isn't native to our state either. Recently, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine announced a million dollar lottery program for people who get the vaccine.

Long term effects of the COVID vaccine are not known and a decision to inject a foreign object in one's body should be left to an individual with their health care provider. But that isn't stopping science-ignorant politicians like Tim Walz from telling everyone to get the vaccine. 

According to KARE11, Walz, speaking at an event at the Mall of America, suggested giving away "gift cards" so that young people can immediately go shopping. "It would be easier to bring your teen down here if they could go right into the mall and do something" stated Walz. The Mall of America is a vaccination site and Walz' remarks were targeted towards young teenagers.

The publicity stunt was a whole new low for politics in Minnesota. Walz' Administration officials used their children as political props to encourage the larger public's youth to get vaccinated. In the video below, the State Education Commissioner, Assistant Labor Commissioner and Assistant Corrections Commissioner's children all were shoved in front of the camera to receive their vaccination. Walz is shown embracing them with handshakes after getting the jab.

Outraged by Walz' actions? Make sure to sign the petition to End Walz' Emergency Powers!


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