What We Know About Speaker Mike Johnson

Most people have never heard of Mike Johnson before this week. The fourth term Congressman from Louisiana's 4th district was not a major Washington player. Now he leads the United States House as Speaker and is next in line for the presidency if something happens to Biden and Kamala. 

Our new Speaker is known by many as "MAGA Mike Johnson" who takes a very calm, rational approach to draining the swamp in DC. His surprise win has shocked the political landscape, causing the mainstream media and the Establishment to scramble and figure out exactly who Johnson is. Unfortunately for the Swamp, Johnson is planning to fight the powers that be.

As an unplanned pregnancy, Johnson's Speaker win was hardly his first time coming out of nowhere. As the son of a disabled firefighter, Johnson went on to receive a law degree from Louisiana State's Law Center. MAGA Mike became a stalwart defender of religious liberty in the legal world, describing his legal career as "defending religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and biblical values, including the defense of traditional marriage, and other ideals like these when they've been under assault."

In 2015, Johnson started his political career with a successful election to the Louisiana State House. A year later, Johnson announced he would run for the US Congress, which he won and still holds. 

Johnson has been a reliable conservative throughout his tenure and has stood with President Trump against phony indictments, witch-hunts, impeachments, and con-jobs. It appears that Johnson will continue to fight the weaponization of the government against political enemies, as he showed with his "No" vote on the formation of the January 6th Commission, a scam investigation designed to spread lies and sow dissent between Americans. Mike Johnson also supports impeaching Joe Biden.

On Ukraine, Johnson initially stood in support of Ukraine and called for sanctions against Russia to damage their energy industry. In April of 2022, Johnson voted for the Ukrainian Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act which made it easier for the US to "borrow" money to Ukraine for their war efforts. However, he has voted against the two most recent bills that provided further financial support to Ukraine and has shown real skepticism about where our tax dollars are truly going and is demanding transparency.

Johnson is considered to be a strong supporter of Israel and has called to "end Hamas forever". Johnson's first legislative action as Speaker passing a resolution supporting Israel against Hamas. The resolution was passed overwhelmingly with only nine Democrats and one Republican opposing it. The sole Republican opposition, Rep. Thomas Massie, criticized the Resolution because it would force sanctions, foreign aid commitments, establish an open-ended promise of military support (including the possible use of our own military), and expands the scope of the war and American mission. Considering this, there will be reason to hold Johnson's feet to the fire to prevent the hawkish military industrial complex from leading our country towards World War III.

In the present, the biggest issue facing the US Congress is funding the government and the process by which the government agencies will be appropriated. For decades, our politicians have chosen the lazy and irresponsible path for passing spending bills. They have done so using omnibus bills/continuing resolutions by stuffing together thousands of pages of funding for subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Instead of doing single subject spending bills for each department of our federal government, our so-called leaders have passed bills riddled with lobbyists and special interest give-aways hidden in thousands of pages of bullshit.

This very issue was the reason Rep. Matt Gaetz motioned to vacate the Speaker. McCarthy reneged on his promise to eliminate continuing resolutions and was swiftly dispensed with. Mike Johnson opposed the weak Continuing Resolution in September which continued to balloon up our national debt and provide minimal spending cuts. Since becoming Speaker, Johnson issued the following statement to the GOP Conference on the path forward regarding single subject spending bills. See below:

The largest issue facing the fiscal viability of our country lies with the unfunded mandates of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. With ballooning interest payments and continued excess spending on military and wars, we have a ticking time bomb before America becomes insolvent. Here's Speaker Johnson's comment on that issue:

It appears that without a doubt, the experiment put into motion by Matt Gaetz was a successful operation that has provided the Congress with more conservative, grounded leadership than Kevin McCarthy was providing. Many along the way argued that RINOs and Dems would team up in order to put a swamp creature like Liz Cheney in if a conclusion was not reached. That fear-mongering turned out to be phony threat as RINOs unanimously fell in line with the new era of the US House's leadership. Conservative unity is a much closer reality now that Patriots have a change in leadership. Now the job of Patriots like you and I is to hold Johnson's feet to the fire and protect our freedom! 



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  • Deborah Norton
    commented 2023-10-31 00:16:22 -0500
    I cannot believe the only thing the callers are concerned about abortion? What about open borders, inflation, military and how close we are getting to WW3? There are bigger things to be concerned about than abortion (Not that it is a small matter, but it has been left to the states, as it should be)
  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-10-26 12:36:16 -0500