You've Been Hoodwinked - Special Session Today

Do you remember the old School House Rock "I'm Just a Bill" song? That tune laid out the process of how a bill becomes law under our Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately the lyrics are all wrong when it comes to our state government. Apparently a bill becomes law when Governor Walz, Speaker Hortman and Senator Gazelka agree to $48 Billion of spending behind closed doors.

Walz called a one-day Special Session that starts at 10 am this morning and adjourns by 7 am on Saturday. The agenda is to pass thousands of pages of bills that spend $48 Billionof our money and increase taxes on us. Oh, and by the way...none of the legislators will have time to read what they are voting on.

Here's the agenda:

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In order to make this all happen in the constrained timeline, an agreement will be made by legislators to suspend the rules to avoid long, contentious floor debates.  Your legislator will not allow the actual legislative process to work. Instead, they will fast track a tax increase on the sick that was part of the budget deal.

We've been following the legislature closely this whole time because you have told us how much you care about rampant fraud in the Child Care Assistance Program. We delivered 12,000 of your petitions to the Capitol, flew a plane banner around the Twin Cities, lit dropped legislative districts, sent out mailers, emails and made phone calls. Yet, we are completely in the dark right now on the status of funding the fraudulent child care program.


As you can imagine, that most likely means Governor Walz and Senator Gazelka have no intention to actually stop using our tax money to fund a program full of fraud.

Don't settle for this type of corrupt governance. Call your legislators today and tell them to not agree to suspend the rules and vote no on all the omnibus bills today. The deal that was struck by Walz-Hortman-Gazelka is only powerful if your legislator blindly follows their lead. But each legislator has a vote and they answer to you, their boss, not someone with a title at the Capitol.




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