YouTube Banned Us For This

Big Tech is at again - trying to silence the voice of scientific inquiry in this age of immense government propaganda. Daring to question the effectiveness of the COVID jab puts us right in the crosshairs of the people at Google, and their subsidiary YouTube.

Lucky for us, our videos on Rumble stay up, so the content isn't lost forever. But YouTube gave us a second strike and banned us for two weeks - one more strike and our YouTube page will be gone for good.

What's interesting about this strike (they claim was due to misinformation) is that we covered two topics. First, we played the video of Bill Gates admitting that the vaccine was not effective. There's no way that was what got us in the dog house - is it?

The other topic we discussed on the banned show was the infamous Project Veritas video that exposed Pfizer for doing Gain of Function research. But Pfizer admits it's engineering the virus in their official response to the video.

WATCH THE OUR VIDEO exposing what YouTube did to censor us:

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