Action 4 Liberty's 'Dump Biden' State Fair Booth Getting Lots of Attention

Love it or hate it, one thing is clear about the Action 4 Liberty "Dump Biden" booth at the Minnesota State Fair this year: it's getting nearly everyone's attention. 

There's overwhelming support by fairgoers, which is in line with what we've seen in the last couple years at the fair. Biden is clearly not a popular political figure these days. Patriots are lining up to sign our "Impeach Biden" petition and try to pressure the Congress to finally take action against the most corrupt modern day President.

Even more people are walking by and giving us a thumbs up or grabbing photos and sharing to social media!

The booth's purpose is to build our activist army. If we want to win political battles, we need huge numbers of people to get on board with our cause. 

But obviously the booth adds a fund element to the seriousness of building an activist army. People who sign the petition are given a "Dump Biden" fan and corn kernels to place in buckets of the GOP presidential hopefuls. After 6 days of the fair, Donald Trump has a commanding lead, similar to what is coming up in most national polls of Republican candidates.

The strong Trump lead is probably what has created the random flashes of hatred towards our staff and volunteers. There's a perception that the Action 4 Liberty booth is the "Pro-Trump" booth at the fair. One volunteer brought a life-size Trump cardboard cut-out only to see a drunken liberal rip off the head. 

Yesterday, this person (male???) came up to the booth to share his/her shirt depicting Trump blowing his brains out. They really show who they are sometimes!

Luckily, the overwhelming encounters at the booth are extremely positive. People are donating to the cause, getting t-shirts, signing up to volunteer and take action. Our activist army is growing!!!

The fair is a unique opportunity for our team to meet patriots from across the state. If you haven't visited our booth yet, stop on over. We are located on Underwood Street, right across from Ball Park Cafe.



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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-08-30 15:58:41 -0500