ALERT: I.C.E. Director Confirms Border Crossing Terrorist Caught in Minnesota

Biden's Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) confirmed in a press conference that a southern border crossing terrorist was caught and is being detained in Minnesota. This comes after a bombshell report by Daily Caller's Jenny Taer article last week about an Al Shabab terrorist who was let go by "Terrorist Screening Center" at the border in March of 2023, but popped back up on the terrorist watchlist and was arrested in Minnesota.

Taer's source was a leaked memo inside of I.C.E. There was no public acknowledgment or press on this big story until a reporter asked Acting I.C.E. Director Patrick Lechleitner in his press conference.

"Within 48 hours of I.C.E becoming aware of his status on the watchlist, within 48 hours he was apprehended" stated Lechleitner in response to the question about the unnamed terrorist in Minnesota.  

If the dangers of the border crisis didn't already cause concern for Minnesotans, this new story certainly should. How many other terrorists or dangerous individuals have crossed the border illegally and made their way to Minnesota under the Biden Administration's failing border security?

Here's the video:

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