Biden's Illegal Federal Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

Bully-In-Chief Joe Biden has overstepped his bounds once again! In an unprecedented move, Biden has illegally mandated vaccines for healthcare professionals in nursing homes NATIONWIDE! Many of these nurses have already contracted the COVID-19 virus and worked in these same conditions for over a year!

Yesterday's frontline heroes are now today's villains -- All because the President wants them to be inoculated with an experimental vaccine.

Biden has no authority given to him by the US Constitution to enact such a mandate. He will attempt to enforce his mandate by threatening to withhold Medicare and Medicaid payments to senior care facilities. Biden is unfairly making healthcare heroes choose between their jobs and the patients they are tasked to help.  

“With this announcement, I'm using the power of the federal government, as a payer of health care costs, to ensure we reduce those risks to our most vulnerable seniors.” Said Biden in his address on Wednesday.

This is the problem with giving the government more control over health care, they now use federal dollars to infringe on your health freedom.Thankfully, Representative Erik Mortensen will be introducing an amendment to nullify federal vaccine mandates during this fall’s special legislative session.

Rep Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment would make Biden's executive order unenforceable in Minnesota. Sign the petition below to show your support.


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  • Kelsey Christensen
    commented 2021-08-19 20:17:48 -0500
    Stop the mandate!
  • Amy Evans-Nabors
    commented 2021-08-19 20:13:16 -0500
  • Gary Gulbranson
    commented 2021-08-19 19:34:20 -0500
    Stop The Mandate
  • Caitlyn Renee
    commented 2021-08-19 19:07:45 -0500
    This is a violation of human rights. It must be stopped.
  • Jeanne Bogatzki Wolbeck
    commented 2021-08-19 18:45:59 -0500
    jeanne wolbeck
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-08-19 15:00:59 -0500