Breakdown: MN Super Tuesday Primary Results

Following the results of 15 GOP primaries during Super Tuesday including Minnesota, Nikki Haley suspended her failed campaign. This seals the deal for President Trump to win the GOP nomination and focus his attacks against dementia Joe Biden. Neo-con Nikki is still yet to endorse Trump however many suspect it is only a matter of time before she does.

Minnesota’s participation in Super Tuesday created some very interesting developments within the Presidential race and the dynamics provide an insight into the general election in November. For instance, Trump won over 61,000 more votes than Joe Biden in their respective primaries in our state. This indicates that the MAGA movement is more energized than the Dems and could translate into success.

To further breakdown the results, see what took place in each primary below:

Republican Primary

Despite the MNGOP leadership showing favor for Nikki and doing campaign leg-work for her (along with a small number of RINO endorsements for Nikki), their wishes did not come true as Trump defeated Nikki by over 40 points! 

It is likely that a number of Democrats chose to vote in the GOP primary (since there is no party registration in MN). Some estimates suggest that nearly half of Nikki Haley supporters prefer Biden to Trump, meaning that they were never conservatives to begin with! This infiltration was largely unsuccessful and only lessened Trump’s victory margin cushion slightly.

The results of the primary solidified the resolve of grassroots patriots to clean up our elections, fight the establishment, stop illegal immigration, fix our economy, stop inflation, kick Joe Biden out of the White House, and Make America Great Again. MAGA still runs the GOP no matter what the Swamp thinks about it.

Democrat Primary

Minnesota was on the watchlist for many Democrat operatives to understand the crippling and shrinking support of Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Biden suffers from several key demographics for his party losing complete faith in him over various issues, policies, and his age/health. Many factors led to what is one of Biden’s worst performances in a statewide primary including seven Dem state legislators endorsing the “uncommitted” ballot line.

“Uncommitted” received nearly 19% in the Democratic primary which is the best performing result thus far for this brand of protest vote. The “uncommitted” movement has largely been dominated by Arabs, Muslims, and young people who are opposed to US funding and support for Israel in the war (which they consider to be a genocide of Palestinians). In Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, and Rice Counties, 20-25% of the Democrats voted “uncommitted”.

Minnesota Dems will now elect five delegates to the DNC convention for “uncommitted”. This growing movement has been gaining steam in progressive circles. In similar and/or equal forms, it got 13.3% of the vote in Michigan before Super Tuesday and ranged from 3.9-11.5% in other Tuesday primaries. 

The increasing dissatisfaction of Biden was also on display with votes for other candidates, including (unfortunately) Minnesota’s own Dean Phillips. Dean was only able to get around 7.8% but was able to perform slightly better in his current congressional district. Dean announced this morning that he is dropping out of the race and endorsed Sleepy Joe. When other candidates and “uncommitted” are all added together, nearly 30% of Democrats voted against Joe Biden in Minnesota! 

Despite providing the illusion of democracy, Demoncrat Chair Ken Martin has the sole authority (as does David Hann) to decide who gets to be on the primary ballot. Despite having an anti-war grassroots presence in the party who hate Joe Biden, Martin endorsed dementia Joe long before the primary, tilting the scale for his preferred puppet. Other notable things in the Dem primary included foreign-born, Constitutionally ineligible candidate Cenk Uygar who got 0.3% of the vote and ended up in 6th place just behind little known candidate Jason Palmer. Palmer shocked the country when he won the American Samoa Dem caucus and was awarded 3 delegates to the DNC convention. Palmer is the first candidate to win DNC delegates.

If Democrats do not fall for the gaslighting and Biden’s fake peace plan, they may withhold their votes in the general election, vote third party, or even vote for Trump as a middle finger. 

Legal Marijuana Now Primary

The Legal Marijuana Now (LMN) Party held the first third party presidential primary in the state of Minnesota in over 100 years. This news was largely kept under wraps by the media until candidate Krystal Gabel spoke out and said she never requested to be on the ballot and does not want to be the nominee. Her name could not be taken off the ballot so she was forced to stay on. This should have been no problem. But then, she won…

This comes on the heels of Ken Martin suing the Sec. of State to remove the LMN’s major party status (granting them ballot access). Mentioned within that case is Krystal Gabel’s discontent with her nomination and presence on the ballot. Gabel’s win adds fuel to the fire and Democrats will weaponize that against the LMN. Many questioned how she ended up on the ballot at all, but in a since deleted comment on an article, former LMN Chair Dan Vacek said Gabel’s name was added out of retaliation and anger with the Nebraska LMN party. See below:

With such low turnout, is it possible that Democrats organized an effort for a few hundred individuals to vote for Gabel to embarrass the LMN? It certainly seems do-able, perhaps the LMN should audit their results and voters to understand why Gabel supposedly earned their votes. It is odd that a withdrawn candidate would be up at least 10% on all opponents. Since her win, Gabel has called the SOS office and declined the nomination.

In second place is LMN state chair Dennis Schueller. Does the nomination fall to him or does he allow other candidates to challenge him? Is this whole situation not his fault? Should he open the door to other candidates who may perform better in the polls than him? According to Dan Vacek, LMN is unilaterally making Schueller the nominee. See below:

However, it does appear Vacek was sending all of these messages while drunk. See below:

Right behind Schueller is popular satirical candidate Vermin Supreme, known for wearing a boot on his head and promising free ponies for all Americans. Perhaps he is just a clown or maybe he is sarcastically proving that the whole system is a joke. It is possible that his appeal to young people could assist the LMN. Also on the ballot was Rudy Reyes (LMN national chair), Ed Forchion (NJWeedman), and a write-in option that got 18.5% in the primary. Those write-in results are still to be released by the SOS office. The LMN now must fight to remain on the ballot and additionally decide who their nominee will be now that the winner wants nothing to do with them. 


Minnesota is a sleeper swing state that Biden may take for granted. If Trump campaigns hard in MN and the left’s dissatisfaction for Joe Biden continues to grow, our ten electoral votes could go red. The conservative base is motivated and mobilized to fight RINOs and radical Democrats up and down the ballot. Patriots must continue to fight the leftist, big government assault on our country and freedoms. 2024 may be a rude awakening for woke, pretentious, and arrogant tyrants in Minnesota!


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