MN RINOs Endorsing Nikki Haley and Promoting her Events

Too many RINO legislators and party leaders in Minnesota are in conflict with the grassroots conservatives of our state on a number of issues. Perhaps most notably is the swamp refusing to support President Trump and openly advocating for RINO, Never-Trumper, anti-MAGA Nikki Haley.

RINO Representative Kristin Robbins and Senator Julia Coleman have both formally endorsed Nikki Haley despite Republican voters making it painfully clear that President Trump has their support. Former legislators Drew Christianson, Kelly Fenton, and Barb Haley have also joined the Nikki team. Barb Haley was once the establishment’s dream candidate for Governor of Minnesota, a bullet we successfully dodged.

To make matters worse, the MNGOP is tilting the scale and making their establishment preference be known. The party is supposed to act as a neutral arbiter for candidates pre-endorsement but any impartial observer can see the MNGOP as the anti-Trump, anti-MAGA bad faith actors they truly are. The MNGOP is promoting Nikki Haley’s “rally” in Bloomington on February 26th. See below:

The MNGOP even highlighted the event again in their 2/22/24 newsletter, followed by a pitch to become RNC delegates. Sound suspicious? See below:

When Trump’s home gets raided, MNGOP is silent. When Trump is charged with BS crimes to hurt his campaign, MNGOP is silent. When election fraud cheated Trump out of re-election in 2020, MNGOP is silent. But when Nikki Haley comes to town, the MNGOP gets giddy and will do campaign leg-work for her. Nimarata Haley is a fraud who is funded by Democrats and is only running in the hopes that President Trump is arrested on illegitimate lawsuits. No wonder MNGOP is lining up behind her, bird of a feather flock together…

Minnesota is a part of the Super Tuesday primary elections happening nationwide on March 5th. The primary will take place after Nikki is expected to get crushed in her home state of South Carolina (by a 36 point margin). The vanity project of Nimarata’s campaign has become irritating and bad for the party according to MN Patriots supporting President Trump.

The establishment’s last ditch effort to abandon President Trump is making it very clear to grassroots conservatives, party leadership and many GOP legislators do not have the same goals and vision as you do. This comes after all four MN US Congressmen grifters endorsed Trump recently like Representative Ben Davis and Senator Nathan Wesenberg did months ago (Wesenberg was the first MN Legislator to endorse Trump).

Ultimately, this election is decided by We The People and not party elites. 2024 could be the most consequential election of our lifetimes and conservatives are paying close attention to candidates, policy, and how party leadership handles issues. Super Tuesday will likely be the end of the road for Nimarata’s failed campaign and Minnesota could play a major role in ending this presidential primary once and for all. From there it will be time for Republicans to take the fight to Joe Biden, that is if the establishment RINOs in MN will unite and rally behind the We The People’s choice, President Donald J. Trump.


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