Clown Show - Rep Marquart Wants to Tax Businesses for COVID Loan

Thousands of Minnesota businesses received forgivable loans last year to pay for employee wages, rent and other necessary business expenses as the pandemic was making its way through our country. It was a program with bipartisan support, that sent money using taxpayer funds (and printed money) to help businesses stay afloat. So you can imagine why businesses are up in arms when they found out that the chair of the House tax committee, Rep Paul Marquart, believes the state government needs to get its greedy hands on some of that money.

It's bad enough that Paul Marquart betrayed his voters by voting to protect Governor Walz' Emergency Powers in January, which is the major cause of business closures in this state. But now he thinks the state is entitled to hurt businesses even more. In fact, Marquart goes a step further and assumes that allowing businesses to keep the money would equate to a "cost" to the state. In his sick mind, the money belongs to the state and it's up to them to determine how much a business can keep.

Don't believe it, check for yourself.

Marquart and his metro Democrat colleagues discuss which businesses to "target" with the tax, since losing $438 Million of potential tax revenue is too much to these greedy politicians. Despite the state budget projection of a massive surplus, Marquart thinks the government needs another $438 Million to blow on government projects. Money that was taxed from all of us, sent back to us, should be taxed a second time according to this clown.


Contact Rep Paul Marquart and tell him to STOP hurting Minnesota businesses.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-03-01 17:40:27 -0600