Coors Sponsors Denver Pride and Youth Drag Events

It’s getting more and more risky for big brands to embrace the LGBTQ agenda. Look no further than Bud Light, who teamed up with controversial transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney. Not only did their sales plummet, but they also lost their top spot as America’s most popular beer. Now, Coors may be making a similar mistake.



Coors is a main sponsor of Denver Pride, an organization that hosts a variety of events in downtown Denver, Colorado. Of course, this group also hosts a plethora of youth-themed events – which include drag shows. The organization named its parade after the beer company, so the amount donated was likely substantial.

Rainbow Alley – a Denver Pride affiliate – has a whole host of events for children aged 10-17. Most recently, their website promotes a “Queer Prom,” which this year hosted 115 children. Pictures on the organization’s Flicker page show that young children younger than high school age were also present at the event. 



It is unclear how old the drag queens were at this event, but they appear to be high school age at the oldest. “DJ Markie” (a resident DJ for a gay bar in Denver) was hired to do music for the event.



Light beer companies are typically seen as the drink for hardworking men, who coincidentally do not buy into Pride or leftism. By sponsoring events that host a “Queer Prom” among other crazy events, they are forfeiting their customer base.

If consumers can successfully boycott Bud Lite, they can certainly boycott Coors. In my experience, finding your beverages locally is the best way to ensure they are woke-free.


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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-06-22 17:08:33 -0500