Corruption in Morrison County GOP

The Morrison County GOP was forced to cancel its convention this Tuesday after widespread corruption was uncovered in the Party's delegate lists. Dozens of delegates were removed from the lists and new names emerged post caucus, which is against Party rules.

Morrison GOP is in Establishment Gubernatorial candidate Paul Gazelka's backyard. In fact, the chairwoman of the Party, Mandy Heffron, is a paid staff according to the Gazelka for Governor campaign finance records:

Based on evidence provided to us from precinct chairs, information contained in written affidavits and pictures of delegates sheets, there’s substantial evidence that either Mandy Heffron or someone at the Morrison County GOP deleted names of duly elected delegates and replaced them with non-caucus attendees and unelected delegates. In one case, an elected delegate was removed and replaced with a legislator’s wife. This is a major violation of Party rules and disenfranchises the voice of people engaging in an open and fair political process.

Action 4 Liberty supporters showed up on caucus night in droves in Morrison County and in good faith signed up to be delegates. We’ve held several popular meetings in the district in the past couple months and saw overwhelming engagement from local patriots.

(Image: A4L Caucus Training, Little Falls in late January)

But Party insiders worked behind closed doors to remove their voice. And it appears to be targeted directly at the newly engaged conservative activists.

Our story begins with a deliberate attempt to remove conservative delegates in order to allow a legislator’s wife to become a delegate. Rep Ron Kresha’s wife showed up on the delegate sheets provided to the MNGOP. According to Little Falls Ward 3 Precinct Chair, Dan Schilling, Mrs. Kresha was not elected as a delegate by the precinct attendees (she was an alternate). Dan Schilling spoke with us and told us that his wife Sara Schilling was removed as a delegate afterwards. As Precinct Chair, Dan requested pictures (via text and email) of the delegate form he handed in that night from Mandy Heffron and has not received a response.

Little Falls Ward 3 Delegate Andy Boone can corroborate this story as he was also in attendance at the caucus. His wife, Brittany Boone was elected that night as a delegate but has since been taken off the delegate list - same list that included Mrs. Kresha.

Another precinct had at least 10 delegates removed and six new ones added. This was discovered by Shah for Governor campaign volunteer, Cassie Fredregill. Cassie reached out to Mandy via email and text 20 minutes after caucuses ended to make sure information was properly recorded. Multiple sources told us that Mandy Heffron was collecting precinct delegate sheets before precinct attendees were finished filling in pertinent information. No response was given until February 10th, 9 days later when the lists had already been sent to the state party. Because of Cassie’s volunteer work with the Shah campaign, she found that 10 of the people who were elected as delegates at her caucus, were not on the list of delegates provided to statewide campaigns.

Delegate removal and replacement was also brought to surface at the Pike Creek Township Precinct Caucus. A man named Josh Schwab was elected a delegate in the precinct because another man named Joseph H decided not to be a delegate - he had been around the Party for awhile and wanted new activists to have the opportunity to serve. However, Joseph H's name appeared on the delegate list and not Josh Schwab when sent to the MNGOP. Tes Schwab, who served as Precinct Chair, provided a signed affidavit that covered this event. Tes additionally said she spoke with Jospeh H after the caucus and confirmed with him that he was not elected that night as a delegate.

Tes Schwabb captured a picture of the delegate sheet before handing it into the Morrison County GOP.

There were similar instances in other precincts that were provided to us as well. The reason we were able to uncover this fraud is because the MNGOP provided the Morrison County delegate lists to statewide candidates and Dr Neil Shah's campaign sent out a press release last week exposing grave issues. 

Following the Shah release, Mandy Heffron admitted to the Star Tribune that "five names were added to the delegate lists because those people contacted the chair before the caucus to say that they wanted to be a delegate." Our information suggests it was a lot more than five, but even that number is cause for concern because sometimes legislative endorsements are decided by a couple delegate votes. Five delegates added after the fact, against Party rules, could sway an endorsement.

The matter has been referred to local law enforcement. Precinct caucuses are covered under Chapter 202A of Minnesota State law. 

A well organized conservative, outsider candidate named Nathan Wesenberg, running for state senate, had many conservative activists show up on caucus night to support him as delegates. As of the publication of this article, Wesenberg has been unable to get the delegate lists from the Morrison County GOP despite the list already being used by statewide candidates. His campaign cannot call the list of people who he helped turn out to the caucus. 

It’s important for candidates to have the lists of delegates who will be choosing who to endorse for legislative offices.  We spoke to Wesenberg and he showed us proof that he has called and emailed her repeatedly for the delegate list, only to be ignored. It appears that the list is being withheld because it would be easily proven by him of how the Morrison County GOP is manipulating the caucus results. Even MNGOP Chair David Hann is aware of Wesenberg not receiving the list from Heffron and has failed to act.

Why would Morrison County GOP and Mandy Heffron want to quash the voice of new conservative activists? Turns out, they have been operating as a slush fund for establishment candidates like Sen Paul Gazelka and Rep Ron Kresha for years.

We dug into public records and found that 97% of donations to Morrison County GOP in 2021, came from out-of-district lobbyists and Special Interest Groups.

Morrison County GOP also received a $1,500 donation from Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP, the law firm that was hired by the Democrat Party to file an erroneous campaign finance board complaint against Action 4 Liberty. That complaint was decisively dismissed, but it was a planned attack by the Political Class to hurt our organization.

Morrison County donated $8,000 of their tainted money to Gazelka less than two weeks before he announced his run for Governor, which he subsequently terminated that Senate campaign, and transferred the money to his new gubernatorial campaign. The same campaign that paid Mandy Heffron as a staffer.

More importantly, this money transfer took place in a non-election year, before the Party made endorsements for the upcoming election cycle. So if a candidate wanted to run for office in the district, the incumbent candidate holds an unfair, significant monetary advantage over the challenger.

Kresha also received $2,000 from the Party on the same date, even though an endorsing convention has yet to be held for the 2022 election cycle. The party should NOT give money to candidates before the Endorsing Conventions.

But could Political Party units really attack Action 4 Liberty supporters? Leaked audio to Alpha News back in July of 2021 showed that then, GOP Party Chair Jennifer Carnahan and a State Representative, talked about “purging” Action 4 Liberty people from the Party. They met in a private meeting with local Republican leaders to discuss what to do with the influx of new conservatives holding their elected officials accountable.

We at Action 4 Liberty called tens of thousands of patriots to attend their local caucus. Instead of thanking us, the Morrison County GOP is trying to stab our people in the backs. But it is because you patriots showed up that we can discover and expose the truth. They’re trying to keep you out but it is your involvement that is keeping the fight for freedom alive. 

Our mission is to protect liberty for the next generation. In order to do that, we clash heads with the Political Class that seeks to keep the status quo in place. But we never quit the fight because the future of our children is too damn important.

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  • Tussy Tubbs
    commented 2022-02-25 21:52:49 -0600
    And, when you dig deeper, on all the good ol’ boys, I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg. And what has Gazeka accomplished as Senate leader ??? !
  • M T
    commented 2022-02-22 11:10:19 -0600
    I don’t normally comment on items publicly because the backlash from the internet is horrifying, but given the “state of affairs” in this country, the division, rage, anger and violence of uncontrolled emotions of many in the context of politics, no matter who has committed illegal acts or “mistakes” in the Morrison Cty GOP; I don’t believe publicly sharing a person’s home address is moral. Hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law, expose fraud and clean up the mess but sharing their home addresses where children and family members could be put in harm’s way is WRONG to me. The desire is for election & political integrity, lead by example with moral integrity in your reporting.
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