Dean Phillips Accuses Democrats of Being 'Authoritarians'

Dean Phillips didn't mince words when addressing how the Florida Democrat Party refused to hold a presidential primary in their state. "Our mission as Democrats is to defeat authoritarians, not become them," stated the Minnesota Congressman and Democrat candidate for President.

Before addressing Phillips' valid concern about the Party conspiring to disenfranchise voters to crown Biden the Party's nominee, I must say, where the hell was Dean Phillips in criticizing the Party when they actually became authoritarians during COVID? His Party's governor of Minnesota unilaterally took over law making in Minnesota to shut down businesses and his Party's President mandated that American citizens take an experimental drug against their will.

Moving on...

The Florida Democratic Party decided that their Primary will have only one candidate: Joe Biden. Despite serious issues with the Biden re-election bid like his mental cognition and plummeting poll numbers, the Democrat Establishment wants to clear the field of competition for the worst President since Woodrow Wilson. 

According to the Phillips campaign, the Florida Democratic Party leadership voted recently on the measure to only consider Biden on their primary ballot, which the campaign alleges is against the rules of the Democratic National Committee. “Americans would expect the absence of democracy in Tehran, not Tallahassee,” Phillips said, as he prepares for a lawsuit that is "disenfranchising" voters.

Phillips may be a long shot for the Party's nomination, but it seems like the Democrat Establishment is poised to go to the August 2024 DNC Convention with a plan to remove Biden on the ticket and replace him with CA Governor Gavin Newsom or Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Dean Phillips is getting ahead of the rigged game and trying to build up a constituency for that convention ahead of time.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-12-01 09:19:50 -0600