Democrat Demands Racial Purity: Ban On White Christians Adopting Children

The Minnesota Democratic Party (DFL) has adopted an increasingly anti-white attitude over the past several years. Representative Heather Keeler is the latest example of this extreme trend. 

In a Facebook post from February 28th, Keeler says she is “sick of white Christians adopting our babies,” further asking whites to  “stop stealing our babies.” Keeler is a Native American who represents the Moorhead area.

Alpha News obtained the screenshot of the post, which has since been deleted or hidden from public view.



God made each of us to be equal in his eyes. The idea that race, skin color, or background should preclude you from adoption is lunacy. Unfortunately, Representative Keeler wants to put her vile beliefs into law.

HF 1071 – authored by Keeler – puts provisions from the federal Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) into state law. These components will make it infinitely more difficult for children in foster care to be adopted because of the racist notion that these children need to stay with members of their own race.

See just some of the bill language below:

While it is understandable that Native American Tribes have their sovereignty, this legislation seeks to infringe upon the rights of both biological and prospective adoptive mothers.

Sadly, it is more likely that these children will stay in foster care than be adopted by a couple within the reservation. For the Democrats, however, race is more important than a stable family unit.

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-03-01 13:23:34 -0600