Democrats Push to Make MN Sanctuary State for Child-Genital Mutilation

There is no doubt that Minnesota Democrats are insane. Democrat State Representative Leigh Finke just gave you more evidence of the fact. Finke (a man pretending to be a woman) introduced HF 146, allowing the state to ignore court orders from other states prohibiting so-called “gender-affirming” genital mutilation surgeries for minors.

Instances of surgeries to affirm the “gender identity” of minors has grown drastically in recent years. This mutilation includes facial reconstruction, double mastectomies, and genital reconstruction or removal. Dr. Shayne Taylor of the Vanderbilt University transgender clinic publicly admitted that the operation is a “big money maker” for the medical establishment. 

In the Minnesota House, Finke’s bill has 35 authors – all left-wing Democrats. If passed, HF 146 will make Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for genital mutilation for minors. More specifically, it will prohibit law enforcement from other states from saving the child from undergoing this life-altering process.

Make no mistake; this legislation is a big deal. California recently passed this same legislation, which has already had a tremendous impact on children and families. The DailyWire reported on January 6th that a 9-year-old Texas boy was abducted and brought to California to seek gender-affirming “care.” Despite protests from the father, California law will protect the mother and her efforts to “transition” her son from a boy to a girl.

If passed, deranged parents from all over the Midwest will drag their children to Minnesota. If court orders are issued against these parents in other states, Minnesota law will not enforce them. Despite maintaining purple state status, the laws in the North Star State will soon reflect that of the most liberal parts of California. 



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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-02-09 12:08:26 -0600