Democrats to BAN Plastic Water Bottles

Nobody needs to tell you that Minnesota Democrats are crazy. They have already shown their insanity by introducing bills to ban lawnmowers and high school mascotsThey won't stop until you are poor and miserable. Now, they have a bill that would ban the production and sale of plastic water bottles. 

Whacky Liberal Democrat Sydney Jordan (60A) introduced HF 1857 last week, which would ban plastic water bottles in the State of Minnesota. According to her bill, this would include containers that are “comprised primarily of plastic resin”, “sealed; and holds less than two liters when full.”

Minnesota is on a fast track to becoming the most liberal state in the nation! This is more extreme than even New York or California would go.

While they have not passed this bill yet, they have already passed plenty of other harmful legislation. Democrats just recently passed legislation that would require Minnesota to be powered by 100% green energy by 2040, with a 60% requirement by 2030. 

If you think this is a minor issue, you have seen nothing yet. When Minnesotans let their politicians get away with bans like this, they will start going after things like cars, houses, and food. 

If we are to be a free country, we must have the choice to consume what we please. The dystopian future that Democrats want does not involve choice -- only compliance. 

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  • Michelle Tripp
    commented 2023-03-01 22:02:59 -0600
    I wrote a letter regarding this to Representative Elliot Engen as he is aware of the Water Gremlin situation in White Bear. We have been drinking bottled water i this house since 2019 when the huge amount of pollution was discovered.. they are still no better and still fighting on a stricter permit with MPCA . I don’t trust any of them saying our water is okay. Rep Engen plans on sharply mg my letter with the whole House. This bill pisses me off and I have stewing about it for a couple weeks now.. Finally you guys got word of it.
  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-02-27 12:58:01 -0600