Democrats Vote on Phony Weed Legalization Bill

Minnesota Democrats are screaming from the rooftops about their new marijuana bill, HF 100, which passed the Minnesota House on Monday. Many liberty-minded individuals in Minnesota have long-awaited marijuana legalization, but probably do not realize the long list of regulations that comes with it.

HF 100 is dubbed the “Omnibus Marijuana Bill” for a reason. This long-winded bill is over 300 pages and does so much more than legalize marijuana. If passed, this legislation would:

  • Establish a new government bureaucracy called the “office of cannabis management”
  • Create a statewide monitoring system to track all cannabis movement
  • Create a whopping 13 new licenses required for dispensaries and businesses
  • Create an 8% tax on Marijuana products on top of state and local sales taxes.

Of course, it would not be Democrat legislation if it didn’t contain some woke social language. Equity is mentioned 44 times throughout the bill. 

More specifically, so-called “social equity” applicants will be prioritized in the cannabis licensure process, and will be considered for taxpayer-funded grants for their businesses. To be considered for licensure and grants, an applicant must have a diversity plan and environmental plan, among other criteria.

If marijuana is to be legalized in Minnesota, this is not the way to do it. HF 100 gives unfair advantages to some based on how woke they are. It also puts extreme burdens and taxes on small businesses who are already working in a harsh economic climate. Legislators need to do better.

Look at how your representative voted below:

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-04-25 16:42:45 -0500