Deranged Jack Smith leads Witch Hunt to Charge Trump over J6

Deranged and ultra-liberal Deep State Prosecutor Jack Smith is preparing to indict and arrest President Donald Trump on claims that Trump tried to overturn the results of an election, how’s that for irony…

The Democrats have no chance in Hell at defeating Trump unless they can muddy him up with fake crimes and indictments. They blame the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton for Trump’s victory so they want to do the same to him but go even further. The Demoncrats would love to charge Trump, lock him up, and even have him assassinated. The banana republic we now live in is dangerous and could lead our country to civil conflict, even civil war. If elections are not legitimate then we cannot save our country. 

On January 6th, 2021, hundreds of thousands of Patriots went to DC to protest the illegitimate election of Joseph Robinette Biden. Governors and Secretaries of State across our country used Covid to unilaterally change election laws and circumvent election integrity. While Biden hid in his basement Trump would hold rallies in massive stadiums and arenas with tens of thousands of Americans in support, yet we are supposed to believe that Biden won 81 million votes. 

In Georgia, video evidence shows an election judge scanning the same ballots three times after forcing ballot observers to leave, hiding ballots in suitcases under tables, and Dominion machines being hacked. In Pennsylvania, Democrats were caught illegally ballot harvesting, back-dated ballots, and loading fake spikes into Biden’s numbers. In Arizona, they used fraudulent machines, deleted election files, and kept audit information secret and hidden from the public. The election fraud in undeniable yet you can be banned on social media platforms for stating these obvious facts. 

Election fraud aside, our country has the First Amendment for a reason. It gives citizens the authority to speak our mind, petition our government, and protest corruption among other things. Regardless of if the election was stolen, the American People have every right to voice their concerns and a candidate can raise legitimate questions over the election’s integrity.

Contrary to what the fake news would have you believe, President Trump did not tell anyone to damage property, be violent, or enter the Capitol Building. At the tailend of his speech addressing the J6 protestors Trump stated “We’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you… We’re going to walk down to the Capitol and we’re going to cheer on our brave Senators and Congressmen and we’re probably not going to be cheering for some of them.” His speech encouraged Patriots to be peaceful but tough and told them to go home after the Capitol was entered. Trump then condemned the violence that took place and the calamity of the Capitol. 

President Trump is not the culprit of the invasion of the Capitol building. The culprits were the agent provocateurs like Ray Epps, who is yet to face charges for telling people on video to break into the Capitol! Of course, some good faith people made bad decisions and damaged property, got into fights, and broke into the Capitol. Nobody argues that those actions should go unpunished but we cannot forget that FBI, CIA, and other Deep State actors provoked Patriots into breaking in.

Charges are yet to be filed against Trump for J6 but there is no doubt that Jack Smith will pile as much BS he can onto our legitimate President. Smith’s wife, Katy Chevigny, is also an ultra liberal who produced a documentary for Big Mike aka Michelle Obama. Jack Smith is a tool for the Deep State to target President Trump because he will drain the swamp, expose their corruption, hold them accountable, and stand for American freedom. This is a battle between good vs. evil and America First vs. Globalism. Read Trump’s statement on this development below:

The smears against Trump have only increased his poll numbers because the American People know a scam when they see one. Everyone knows that this is a political witch hunt designed by Biden and the Swamp to discredit Trump and interfere in the 2024 election. The rigging may be worse than last time so Patriots need to be ready to fight the corruption and stand up for clean elections. Trump is an innocent man and We The People know it!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-07-18 15:09:22 -0500