Disgraced Rep Dan Wolgamott Called out on Bad Vote in Front of Hunting Group

Hunters 4 Hunters is drawing huge crowds of outdoorsman across the state as they advocate for responsible wolf management to solve the issue of a dwindling whitetail deer population. There success at drawing crowds has drawn the attention of politicians who now go to the events and try to appeal to the base of hunters in attendance. 

At an event in St Cloud on Sunday, one of the politicians who attended was disgraced Rep Dan Wolgamott (DFL - St Cloud). You may remember his name as the politician arrested last year for a DUI after citizens witnessed him chugging a bottle of vodka in a northern liquor store parking lot, before getting behind the wheel.

Wolgmatt spoke in support of the group's objectives of a wolf hunt. However, Rep Isaac Schultz called him out for being the one state representative in attendance who actually vote for permanently banning wolf hunting in Minnesota. 

Here's the amendment Wolgamott supported on April 17th, 2023:

Watch the video:

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2024-01-23 16:00:06 -0600