EXPOSED: Possible Tina Smith Insider Trading Corruption

Minnesota US Senator Tina Smith’s recent stock purchases has provided evidence that she is possibly using insider and secret Senatorial information to enrich herself.

Insider trading is the act of buying or selling stocks with non-public, material information about that company. In the DC swamp, this is common-practice and has been a sure-fire way for corrupt politicians to make money. Insider trading is inherently a conflict of interest; Politicians with exclusive power and information should not be allowed to trade stocks.

Like most corrupt politicians, Smith filed the trades under her husband. They bought up to $200K in a company called Artivion Inc. and $250K of stock in Tactile Systems Tech. Tactile Systems is a Minnesota business that is very small in comparison to the typical crony investments politicians make, as their market cap was less than $500M while Artivion sits at $718M and is headquartered in Georgia. Both are medical device companies.

Tina Smith sits on the Senate Committee on Health where both Tactile Systems and Artivion receive government contracts which Smith manages and earmarks. This direct conflict of interest points to Smith receiving insider information that led to these unusual purchases.

As of yesterday, Smith has profited up to $60K from her Artivion purchase in less than three weeks, see below:

After Smith’s purchase of Tactile Systems, the stock has risen over 43% and it has risen every single day since, see below:

Additionally, Tactile Systems has 1.62 stars out of 5 from customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Low satisfaction rates for companies are usually a good sign of bad business practices. It should come as no surprise that the corrupt business owners in bed with Tina Smith are slimy.

Patriots and liberty activists have taken to social media to demand answers from Smith and call on Rep. Angie Craig to investigate (as Craig claims her opposition to insider trading as a top priority).

The silence of Craig and Smith is deafening and proof that the swamp protects their own. Corruption should always be fought and all good faith people agree that Senators, Congressmen, and their spouses should not be allowed to buy and sell stocks because it is 100% insider trading! This story exemplifies why the American People do not trust politicians and why organizations like Action 4 Liberty are needed to expose it! 

The US Senate and Democratic Party should take immediate steps to call for Smith’s resignation upon the revelation of her insider trading scam.

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-12-04 15:37:43 -0600
    Nothing will happen to her. Like Paul stated, she is a Democrat. I wonder if she will “share her wealth with others or pay her fair share” like all “poor” Democrats? Ethic has nothing to do with being a Democrat.
  • Paul Bade
    commented 2023-11-30 09:56:53 -0600
    This warrants an Ethics Committee investigation, and possibly referral to the Department of Justice. However the latter at least is a waste of time since Senator Smith is a Democrat, and the Department of Political Protection currently pretending to be the DOJ never goes after Democrats unless they become politically inconvenient like New York mayor Eric Adams (who complained about the illegal alien invasion of his city).
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