Field Team Knocks Hundreds of Doors in First Two Days

We rented a home, hired additional operators, and deployed our field team up in the Hibbing area to go door to door to tell every voter in Rep Julie Sandstede's district about how she betrayed them and voted to protect Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. You see, when it was easy last year, Con Artist Julie voted the right way. But now when her vote matters and the election is over, she opted to protect Governor Walz instead of protect the liberties of her constituents.

As you probably already know, doorknocking hasn't been easy this week. Temperatures are dipping below -20 degrees. But with extra wood for the fireplace and a bundle of hand warmers, our team isn't missing a beat. They already knocked on hundreds of doors in the first two days, found new supporters of our cause, and most likely, educated people who voted for Julie last November. She has a real problem on her hand if she keeps betraying them!

Julie clearly does not support Democracy. Allowing one man to have the power to create unilateral orders that shut down businesses and quarantine us in our homes, is the anti-thesis of a democracy. Because she is protecting Walz, we are now faced with the prospects of a Mask Mandate Bill which is making its way through the Minnesota House. 

Action 4 Liberty refuses to let our Constitutional Republic fall because one man declares and endless emergency due to a virus. Our system of government was never designed to allow this to happen. And we will fight everyday to make sure we End Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. Support our field operations and let's take back our state!

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-02-10 10:29:08 -0600