Final Countdown - Politicians Making Deal on Debt Bill for Extending Walz' Powers

We're under 72 hours left of the 2020 Legislative Session and the chances of terminating Walz' Emergency Powers are deteriorating because some Republican legislators are more concerned about passing a large debt bill than opening all of Minnesota. Rep Jeremy Munson and members of the New House Republican Caucus have brought a vote to the House floor twice on the Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers, but the Senate Republicans refuse to do the same in their chamber. Republicans have a three person majority and could pass it immediately.

Action 4 Liberty has discussed the resolution with several Republican state senators and all of them have told us that senate "leadership" does not support it. Instead, Sen Paul Gazelka (R-East Gull Lake) put energy into a fake open bill that would require the Governor's signature (the Munson Resolution only requires the Legislature). Gazelka continues to tell the press that a large debt bill (aka bonding bill) will be a priority of the legislature before the session ends. 

The Senate Republicans appear to be blind to the gloomy fiscal realities in Minnesota. Last week we learned that the state is projected to run a $2.4 Billion budget deficit in the next year, so a debt bill at this point would be fiscally irresponsible.

Even more concerning is the tone deaf Democrat majority in the Minnesota House. On Wednesday they passed a bill that gave state employees pay raises while the private sector is experiencing catastrophe. The pay raise bill would add another $440 Million cost to Minnesota taxpayers. While all Republicans in the House are now on board to Ending Walz' Emergency Powers, not a single Democrat voted for it.

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Spectacle Lake) has made numerous statements lately that House Republicans won't help pass a bonding bill unless Walz' powers are terminated. Democrats need six Republicans on board in order to hit the required 60% needed for a debt bill's passage. Sources at the Capitol tell us that Daudt is cutting a deal behind the scenes with Democrat leadership to deliver the six votes needed. Most likely, the bargaining chip will be some pork projects that help Republican members. Daudt may also ask Democrat leadership to drop the ethics investigation into his employment with a D.C. lobbying firm.

Action 4 Liberty continues to call for an end to Walz' Emergency Powers. Passing a debt bill is not a valid compromise for the pain and suffering business owners and families across Minnesota are feeling. SIGN THE PETITION!


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2020-05-15 12:15:32 -0500