GOP State Rep Fails To Be Elected Delegate At Caucus

Precinct Caucuses took place on Tuesday, giving Republicans across the state an opportunity to make their voices heard in their local party units. This is also an opportunity to be elected delegate to the BPOU level of the party. Laughably, Republican State Representative Brian Johnson (28A) was rejected by his neighbors in his effort to become a delegate.

Individual precincts are not huge. The typical caucus classroom has anywhere from 10-50 attendees show up. Johnson's precinct, Isanti Township, was allocated 9 delegates and 9 alternates. In his speech asking to become delegate, Representative Johnson said that Republicans must be willing to “compromise with” the Democrats. 

According to sources present at the caucus location, Johnson did not read the room. They say this is the reason that Johnson could not garner enough votes. In fact, according to the image below, Johnson was elected as the 7th alternate for Isanti Township.



This is embarrassing for Brian Johnson, who clearly cherishes his status as a moderate politician. This resounding rejection means that grassroots patriots showed up to precinct caucuses. Action 4 Liberty was one of the biggest advocates of going to caucus. This organization hosted trainings, sent mass texts, and pushed emails out encouraging patriots to show up at caucus.

Your voice makes a huge impact, even when it’s on a very local level. Perhaps Representative Johnson will be re-evaluating his priorities when seeking re-election in his conservative district.


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