Government Whistleblower Claims Lockdown Restrictions Back This Fall

Online journalist and infotainer Alex Jones has reported that a TSA employee has claimed pandemic restrictions (including forced masking) are making a return by mid-September. This news comes as the Federal Government is buying up contracts to enforce said policies.

Alex Jones is portrayed by the mainstream media as crazy because of his entertaining presentations. However, he is often able to prove his claims – especially when it came to the lockdowns and mandates of 2020 and 2021. 

Jones’ source says that pilots, flight staff, passengers, and airport patrons will be forced to wear masks. He also claims a source at US Customs and Border Patrol has received a similar directive. 

Our team noticed earlier this month that the media is ramping up COVID hysteria once again.

Meanwhile, an X user (formerly Twitter) who goes by the username "The Calvin Coolidge Project" discovered that the Federal Government is buying up enforcement contracts and COVID-19 tests. He uncovered these purchases from the publicly available

There are limited details beyond these few clues, but it appears as though the government is ready to push a second mass-lockdown effort. The mainstream media has already gone on the offense, batting down these claims as “conspiracy theories.”

Senator Mike Lee (R) from Utah has publicly condemned these efforts, saying on X that these restrictions will be enforced “Over my lifeless body.” The Salt Lake Tribune has accused Lee of spreading “misinformation.”

Maybe Jones is wrong, and the government contracts are just a strange coincidence. As of right now, only time will tell. Our team says be prepared, because the government has done it before – they can and will do it again.

Do NOT comply. 

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